January 27, 2014 archive

TDYR #082 – A Monday Morning Reality Check On What Are Really “Problems”

I started my Monday morning in a way that made me realize that any "problems" I may have right now really pale in comparison to what others are facing out there... (and yes, I said it was TDYR #81 when it was in fact #82.)

FIR #740 – 1/27/14 – For Immediate Release

What's new on the FIR Podcast Network; Quick News: Pinterest is changing how people blog, UK university accepts Bitcoin for tuition, agencies don't know if blogging is working, Churck of England diocese issues social media guidelines; Ragan promo and farewell to Jenny Fukumoto; News That Fits: social media returns companies to traditional communication, Michael Netzley's Asia Report, Google's Matt Cutts advises against guest posts as an SEO strategy, Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop, listener comments, Wikipedia adds audio intros, Dan York's Tech Report, astroturfing proposal leads one company to defect from an industry coalition; music from The Taters; and more.