January 5, 2014 archive

DNSSEC Deployment Statistics For TLDs (Rick Lamb)

Rick Lamb DNSSEC StatsRecently DNSSEC advocate Rick Lamb made available publicly a site he’s maintained for some time offering statistics about what top level domains (TLDs) are signed with DNSSEC.  The interesting aspect is that his scripts list the TLDs in reverse chronological order and so right now you can easily see when the “new generic TLDs” (newgTLDs) are being added as they all must be signed with DNSSEC from their launch.  Rick’s site is available at:


Scrolling back the site provides a useful history of when various TLDs were first signed.

TDYR #060 – Facebook, Twitter And Google+ Are NOT The Open Internet!

Recently Mitch Joel at TwistImage talked about why the content created by many companies is not being seen on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks: http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/almost-no-one-is-seeing-your-content/ In this episode I expanded upon this a bit to note that you have to remember that these companies are NOT the "open Internet" and are providing services based on their business plans... which are open to change whenever they want to do so.