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Cancer – The Scourge That Keeps On Taking

Norriscotton keeneToday the terrible beast that is cancer once again rears its ugly head in our life. My sister-in-law begins her chemotherapy today at our local cancer center - and our thoughts are certainly with her and her family as they begin this unwelcome process. My wife's brother, Scott, has rather eloquently written his thoughts online in his own unique style: The Bad News; It’s Cancer. For me, I just remember the tedious and endless monotony of chemo - and then, of course, all of the effects on my wife... some of which she still suffers from two years after ending her chemo treatments in her own fight against breast cancer.

There is an anger and a frustration that is hard to put into words.

The optimist in me of course is thrilled that such treatments are available so that my sister-in-law might beat back the beast and live a longer life.

But that optimism is balanced by a frustration that battling cancer seems to be the story of one sledgehammer after another and another... for all the millions of dollars we're spending on cancer research, the weapons and treatment we have still seem so crude.

Yes, I know intellectually that the treatments have come so far from what they used to be. I know that such research takes time and trials and more time and more trials before the benefits can be widely seen.

But emotionally I want the scanner device out of some sci-fi show that can just scan down the body, find the cancer cells and destroy them.

We're not there yet. Maybe we'll never get there.

And so we fight the battle with the weapons we have, crude as they are.

And my sister-in-law sits there with an IV drip slowly bringing incredibly toxic chemicals into her body...

Meanwhile, another friend around my age from Burlington, VT, fights a liver cancer that is not responding to treatment... and at this point may give him less than a year to live...

Meanwhile, my wife learned through Facebook that a sister of a friend is apparently entering into her final days of life after an aggressive form of breast cancer...

Meanwhile, someone else we know just finished up her four months of chemo in dealing with breast cancer...

Meanwhile... ... meanwhile... ...

Yes, all we can do is keep going on... putting one foot in front of the other and living out each day...

But still, there are days when all you want to do is rage against the scourge that is ravishing so many wonderful people out there.

Cancer - the scourge that keeps on taking.

An audio version of this post is available as an episode in my "The Dan York Report" podcast:

TDYR #057 – Cancer, The Scourge That Keeps On Taking

Today was a hard day as a family member began her course of chemotherapy... in this episode I mostly voice my frustration with this beast that has affected so many lives. A written version: http://danyork.com/2014/01/cancer-the-scourge-that-keeps-on-taking.html

Video: Cisco’s Hangout on “Enabling IPv6 In Your Network”

It’s the second day of 2014. Are you at work looking to get started with deploying IPv6 in your network? Or are you at home on holiday break and looking for something educational to watch online?  Was deploying IPv6 one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

If so, you might be interested in watching this Google+ Hangout recorded by the folks at Cisco Systems in December 2013 where Cisco’s Harpreet Singh provided an outline of what changes with IPv6, what you need to think about in your network, what kind of planning you need to do for the migration and similar topics.  While the video is of course from a vendor of networking equipment, the session and slides do provide a good general overview of IPv6 transition issues. Great to see Cisco making these kinds of sessions available!