January 4, 2014 archive

Weekend Project: Find Out If Your Domain Name Registrar Supports DNSSEC – And Request It If They Don’t

dnssecLooking for a quick weekend project that could help make the Internet more secure?

Find out if the registrar you use for your domain name(s) supports DNSSEC – and if not, file a bug report or feature request asking them when they will support DNSSEC.  We have some information about some of the registrars that support DNSSEC and ICANN has a longer list of registrars that support DNSSEC, but there are many more registrars out there who are not yet on that list.

We’ve heard repeatedly from registrars that they haven’t implemented DNSSEC because “no one is asking for it.

So let’s change that.

Let’s make sure as many registrars as possible hear from their customers that we want a more secure Internet.


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