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TDYR #067 – Death, And Where Stories Fail

We are creatures of story. We use stories to help us explain the inexplicable, to make sense of the senseless, and to find meaning and explain the world around us. Yet sometimes, those stories fail us...

Video/Slides: Case Study Of TeraStream’s IPv6 Implementation (RIPE67)

How can a large carrier like Deutsche Telekom implement IPv6 to provide a new simplified service delivery network?  In a presentation at the RIPE 67 meeting in October 2013, Peter Lothberg from DT outlined how they use IPv6 within the TeraStream network.  His slides are available online as well as the video of the presentation:

TeraStream presentation at RIPE 67

For some background, you may want to first view either the slides or the video of Peter’s earlier presentation at RIPE67 where he explained what the TeraStream network is all about.

This kind of case study is very cool to see and we’re appreciative of Peter for taking the time to explain what they did.  We certainly hope that in 2014 more carriers will look at how they can use IPv6 to provide similar service delivery capabilities!