January 14, 2014 archive

Slides: Security In An IPv6 World – Myth & Reality

What are the myths about IPv6 security?  What is the reality? How secure is IPv6 really?  What new security advantages does it offer? What should IT system administrators be thinking about with regard to security as they move into an IPv6 world?

In a talk to the South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) today, our Chris Grundemann discussed these questions and many more in a talk titled “Security In An IPv6 World – Myth & Reality“.  His slides are now online for viewing:

If a recording of the presentation becomes available we’ll update this post with more information.

UPDATE: Chris’s slides are now available as a PDF download.

TDYR #069 – On The Awesomeness Of Jetpack’s Connection Into Google+

The Jetpack plugin for WordPress now lets you publicize posts to your blog out to Google+ in addition to Twitter, Facebook and other services. In this episode I talk about the power of that and all the other features of the Jetpack plugin. More info: http://jetpack.me/ http://www.disruptiveconversations.com/2013/12/awesomeness-jetpack-27-lets-wordpress-users-auto-post-content-to-google.html