December 2019 archive

Experimenting with Gutenberg 7.1

I’m just experimenting with version 7.1 of the Gutenberg plugin. Released today (Dec 11, 2019), the release notes indicate substantial changes, particularly in the UI.

So this is just an experimental post (because that is what this site is all about!).

Things I am looking forward to over the next few weeks:

  • Time with family around the holidays.
  • Release of season 4 of The Expanse on Friday, December 13.
  • Release of Star Wars IX on Friday, December 20

Sadly, it does not look like the team fixed the issue where you cannot change the text color of List blocks. To be clear, they did NOT say they were going to! I was just wondering if one of the other features would help with that.

The table functionality keeps getting better and better… although I can’t seem to find the header menu to switch between edit and select tools.

Some headingAnother headingOne more heading
This is my table

My menu when inside the table does not look like what I see in the Github issue. (Perhaps I have to use a different WordPress theme?)

All in all very cool stuff