August 2022 archive

TDYR 412 – How Do People Use an Apple Watch? Reflections on 7 Months of Wearing One

How do people use an Apple Watch? What do they like the most? The least? What is the big caveat I have with recommending a Watch? In this episode, I share my reflections on using an Apple Watch Series 3 for seven months. Thoughts from others in this Twitter thread from February 2022:

TDYR 411 – Turning the Mic Back On! And an invitation to play with Reddit Talk

It's been a loooonnnngggg while since the last episode! But I'm back with a long list of episodes... and I'd like to engage with YOU, listeners, in experimenting with Reddit Talk as a way to record podcast episodes. If you are a Redditor, please drop me a note and lets figure out a time to try out Reddit Talk! (More info: )

Experimenting with a Horizontal Pyramid Gallery

Following the instructions in this tutorial from WordPress, to build this page using only the blocks in the WordPress editor.