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TDYR #075 – Reflections On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the USA and in this episode I reflect on the day and the teachings of Dr. King, Jr. - and both how far we've come and how far we still have to go. I Have A Dream Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smEqnnklfYs

Great News! Over 50% Of All Top-Level Domains Now Signed With DNSSEC!

The Internet hit a great DNSSEC deployment milestone today – over 50% of all TLDs are now signed! As Chris Thompson pointed out on the dnssec-deployment mailing list, if you go to a site such as ICANN’s TLD DNSSEC report that was run this morning, you’ll now see that 222 (53%) of 415 TLDs in the root zone of DNS are now signed with DNSSEC. Even better, 216 (52%) have a DS record in the root zone, which means that the DNSSEC “chain of trust” can be established for domains underneath all of those TLDs:



Now, granted, as Chris noted in his message, this milestone has primarily happened because of the ongoing influx of all the DNSSEC-signed “new generic top-level domains (newgTLDs)“.  You can see this rather dramatically in a graph from Rick Lamb’s DNSSEC statistics site:

DNSSEC trend statistics

Regardless, it is great to see this milestone!

With over 50% of TLDs signed, have you signed your domain yet?  (Check out our tutorials on signing your domain with DNSSEC and also our DNSSEC Basics page.)


How to Keep Track of the New Generic Top-Level Domains (newgTLDs) Now Appearing Weekly (Featured Blog)

How do you keep track of what new generic top-level domains (newgTLDs) are now available? Particularly when there seem to be new ones being announced weekly? Because I've written about newgTLDs here previously, someone recently asked me those questions... Now, these are the newgTLDs that have been delegated by ICANN, meaning that they now appear in the "root zone" of DNS. This does NOT mean that you can go right now and register a domain underneath one of these new TLDs. More...

How To Keep Track Of The New Generic Top-Level Domains (newgTLDs) Now Appearing Weekly (Featured Blog)


My Unexpected Comment On YouTube – Via The Google+ Integration

Today I received a personal reminder of the new strong linkage between Google+ and YouTube.  Given that today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day here in the USA, I posted a link to a YouTube video of Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech to my Google+ account.  

I had forgotten, though, that... 

Every post on Google+ about a YouTube link is DISPLAYED ON YOUTUBE as a comment!

So a little while later when I went to get the link again to pass along to someone else, I refreshed the page in my browser and there was my smiling face staring back at me...

Martin Luther King I Have A Dream Speech August 28 1963 YouTube 6

Now, in this particular case, I don't particularly mind. I just had forgotten that this integration was already in place between Google+ and YouTube. Google rolled it out in November and almost immediately came under fire for increasing spam comments on YouTube (which they are now trying to address through new tools for YouTube creators).

I need to remember this, too, because when posting a YouTube link to Google+ I may be thinking about it in the context of my Google+ page and the content I post there... but I have to remember that my text will also be seen by people viewing the video on YouTube and without the context of having perhaps regularly seen my Google+ content.

Similarly, I need to remember that ANY sharing on Google+ will wind up on YouTube. For instance, on Facebook I have on occasion re-shared a video that I thought friends might be interested in... but that I might not necessarily want to have my name attached to. It might just be a silly video that I found funny.

With this G+ integration, however, any time I re-share a video in this manner on Google+ my name and my comment are going to appear on the YouTube page for that video. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I will say it will make me be much more careful about what kind of YouTube links I share on Google+.

How about you? What do you think about this integration between Google+ and YouTube?

P.S. And going back to the original video link that started this all, if you haven't watched Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech, it truly IS a powerful speech!

UPDATE: Here's an issue with the integration - my Google+ comment is displayed over on YouTube, but my name "Dan York" on YouTube links over to my YouTube account instead of my Google+ account. While that makes sense: 1) I don't use that YouTube account; and 2) I left the comment in the context of Google+ and now people have no way to see that. So it's a kind of a one-way integration...

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