December 2020 archive

TDYR 402 – WordPress Now Powers 39% of the Web, and the State of the Word(Press) 2020

Is it true that over 39% of websites now use WordPress? In this episode I talk about that statistic and other information coming out of the “State of the Word 2020” event by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, the company behind the hosted and driving overall WordPress development

TDYR 401 – Will Twitter’s Fleets bring the Story format to Twitter? Or will they be fleeting?

In November 2020, Twitter launched "Fleets" globally, bringing the vertical "Story" format first launched on Snapchat and then Instagram, Facebook, and most other social networks. In this episode, I explore what Fleets are all about, how they work, what some of the issues I've seen with them, and some of my thoughts for their future. You can read more at:

TDYR 400 – Reflecting on 7 years and 400 episodes of this podcast

After 7 years and 400 episodes of The Dan York Report, this episodes has a look back at how and why I started this podcast, what I've used to create it, some of the content I've covered, along with some thoughts about the future. I would definitely welcome your comments!