January 19, 2014 archive

TDYR #074 – NFL Playoffs: Fox Sports FAILed The Internet While CBS Sports Rocked!

Trying to watch the NFL Playoffs tonight over the Internet, one network (CBS Sports) rocked and let "cord-cutters" watch the game (with advertising) while the other network (Fox Sports) was still stuck in the legacy business model where they require you to login with your "TV provider", which, of course, I don't have as a "cord-cutter"...

Video/Slides: Case Study – Deploying IPv6 In 10 Days at 24Media (RIPE67)

Here’s a fun story… Tore Anderson decided that since he was going to RIPE 67 and it was sort of a “party” of network engineers, he ought to bring a gift – so he decided to make 24Media’s websites available over IPv6.  Only problem was that RIPE67 was only 10 days away!  So he had to get going rather quickly….  his slides are online and the video of his presentation is online:


Very cool to see!

How about you?  Can you make your websites available over IPv6?  Check our IPv6 resources for information that can help you!