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New IPv6 Case Studies Out… But None From Application Developers!

World Ipv6 LaunchAs part of my job at the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme, we recently published a whole new batch of IPv6 case studies during the 2nd “Launchiversary” of World IPv6 Launch. However, if you scan down that list of case studies you’ll see one interesting omission:

There are NO case studies from application developers!

None. Zilch. Zero.

This needs to change!  If you are an application developer and have migrated your application over to work on IPv6, my colleagues and I at the Internet Society would love to write up a bit about what you have done.  PLEASE CONTACT US!

It doesn’t have to be anything gigantic.  It could just be a simple article explaining what you did to make your application work over IPv6.  Or it could be a paragraph linking to a video of a presentation you gave or a set of slides.  We are glad to “interview” you, too, via email or a voice/video call to capture information that we will then write up.  All we need is your interest and willingness to be included.  Please do let us know.

Separately from that, I am still interested in including some case studies in the next version of this “Migrating Applications To IPv6” book that I’m targeting for early 2015.  I have a list of questions that I’d like to ask some of you and include in the book. The benefit to other developers will be that they will get to learn about how to move to IPv6 based on your experience. The benefit to you is that I’ll mention your application and name and give you the added publicity from being in the book.  The benefit to the Internet is that we’ll get more people moving over to IPv6 sooner rather than later!  If you are interested in being considered for the book, please contact me directly!

Looking For IPv6 Application Migration Case Studies To Include In The Book – Care To Share Yours?

Ipv6 200As I have continued to talk and speak about IPv6 and issues around migrating applications over to IPv6, one of the themes that has repeatedly come up is that developers are looking for examples of people who have gone through the migration from which they can learn.

Understandably, they’d like to know what pain – or NOT – other developers had to go through to migrate their app to work on IPv6.

With that in mind, I’m thinking of adding a new section to the book with specific case studies around apps that moved successfully into a IPv6/IPv4 world. Basically capturing what the developers did or did not do, what they had to change, how their application needs to be configured to work with IPv6 (if it does), etc., etc.

I have several companies and individual app developers that I will be contacting to include, but the beauty of an e-book is that there really isn’t a limit on what I can include in terms of length. So…


I have some questions I’d like to ask you about what you’ve done, the challenges (or lack thereof) you encountered, etc. I expect that an email exchange is all that is needed, although if you are interested I’m toying with maybe also doing some video interviews as well (typically via Skype video).

Please do contact me if you’re willing to share your experience. Working together we can build a compilation of case studies that can help more people make the move to IPv6! Thanks!