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50% Off All O’Reilly IPv6 Ebooks TODAY On CyberMonday

Given that today is “Cyber Monday” the folks at O’Reilly are naturally joining in and offering a 50% discount on ALL their ebooks and discounts. All you need to do is go visit:


where you can learn more. Basically, you can use the discount code “CYBERDAY” when you check out – anytime up until 11:59 pm US Pacific time tonight.

You can naturally order “Migrating Applications To IPv6 or any other IPv6-related ebook… although in truth you can use the code for ANY ebook.

The great thing about buying from O’Reilly is that all ebooks are DRM-free, so you are not locked in to using them on any particular devices.


If you are looking for some good technical ebooks, today is a great day to do some shopping!

I am NOT Speaking at OSCON Friday About IPv6

Oscon LogoSadly, I will not be speaking about migrating applications to IPv6 on this Friday, July 29, at OSCON 2011 up in Portland, Oregon. Instead, my colleague Adam Kalsey will be presenting the talk on my behalf. (Adam is also speaking about managing open source releases of a cloud platform.)

As I wrote in the beginning of the book, it was my proposal to OSCON (which was accepted and scheduled) that prompted O’Reilly editor Mike Loukides to contact me about writing what become the book “Migrating Applications to IPv6“.

In a cruel twist of fate, though, I am now unable to attend OSCON and give the very presentation that prompted the book. Shortly after signing the contract to write the ebook a few months ago, my wife was diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer. While she has now “survived” this bout of cancer, she is still in recovery from the operation, is still in pain and still has a limited range of motion and ability to lift objects. Most importantly, she still can’t really lift our 2-year-old daughter… and, as anyone who has had a 2-year-old can attest, they frequently need lifting! So this year my place needs to be here with her…

While I’m sure Adam will give a great session on Friday and while I may be doing a follow-up webinar with O’Reilly, I would have loved to be out at the über-geekfest that is OSCON! For those who are there, I hope you have a great conference – and perhaps I’ll see you there next year!

P.S. And I am greatly appreciative to Adam for covering my presentation!

Migrating Apps to IPv6 Now Available For Purchase at O’Reilly.com

I’m very pleased to announce that “Migrating Applications to IPv6” is now available for purchase as an eBook from O’Reilly Books:

Migrating Applications to IPv6 - O Reilly Media

The book is available in the formats of ePub, Mobi and PDF and should work with any eBook reader out there, including the iPad, Kindle, Nook, iPhone, etc.

The beautiful thing about purchasing the book as an eBook from O’Reilly is that you will be notified as soon as there are any updates. Given that companies and software vendors are only now starting to really look at migrating to IPv6, I expect that there will be a good bit of change in the time ahead as people learn more about migrating applications to IPv6. My plan is to periodically update the book as more information becomes available as more apps are migrated. For that reason, I’d strongly encourage you to purchase the eBook version of the book so that you’ll keep getting upgrades as they become available.