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Proximities – a great email newsletter with three news stories about the non-Western world

Proximities newsletter

In a world drowning in email, and increasingly with email newsletters, one of the messages I actually look forward to receiving each day is:

It’s an email newsletter from a journalist named Barry Malone that comes out almost every day. His goal is to highlight three “non-Western news stories you should know”.

What I enjoy is that he very simply and succinctly provides a summary and then a link to read more. It’s three quick paragraphs that I can quickly scan and then decide if I want to read more.

Living in the USA, as I do, most of the news in our US media tends to be about, well… the USA! And maybe Europe on a good day. Every so often we might hear about Canada, too.

But the only times we really hear about countries and regions in other parts of the world are when there are natural disasters or maybe some violent conflict (but sometimes NOT).

To help broaden my view, I get Barry’s email and also the news letter from the Rest of World site, which I highly recommend.

Many thanks to Barry for all the work he’s done - and for consistently delivering such concise, succinct summaries. I would encourage you to subscribe!

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