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Will Your New Year’s Resolutions Include IPv6? DNSSEC? Routing?

Resolutions 2012It’s the last day of 2012… are you making resolutions for the New Year?

If so, how about one of these:

  • Get IPv6 fully deployed in our network.
  • Set up an IPv6 test network in my home or office.
  • Read a book about IPv6.



  • Read one of these reports to better understand the Internet’s routing infrastructure.
  • Attend one of Deploy360′s ION Conferences in 2013.
  • Send Deploy360 some feedback about what you’d like to see them add to their site.


Or, of course, you could always go with:

  • Post more kitten videos online, because clearly there aren’t enough

What will your resolution be for 2013?

Photo credit: Lori Ann of MamaWit on Flickr.

FIR #684 – 12/31/12 – For Immediate Release

Happy new year; wrapping up FIR's seventh year; audio quality sucked in episode 683; Ekaterina Walter interview coming this week; Quick News: mobile malware is getting serious, Facebook is top site for sharing product info, it takes less than 10 seconds to decide to follow someone on Twitter, Home Depot doubles mobile conversions; Ragan promo; News That Fits: reading habits vary according to Pew study, Dan York's report, Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop; PR needs to do more than earn media according to Peter Himler, listener comments, certification or PR pros in the digital era, TemboSocial promo, Michael Netzley's report, why you should get serious about blogging; music from 13 Shadows; and more.

Weekend Project: Add DNSSEC Validation to an OpenWRT WiFi Device

Looking for a weekend project?  Do you use a WiFi access point based on OpenWRT?

If so, here are some quick instructions about how to install the Unbound DNS resolver that supports DNSSEC validation into OpenWRT.  What this will do is change the DNS resolver in your access point to start performing DNSSEC validation… so as more domains get signed you’ll be able to know that you are, in fact, getting to the correct domain. Plus, with DNSSEC validation available you’ll be able to start playing around with very cool new technologies like the DANE protocol… who knows what you’ll be able to do with it!

The great thing is that it turns out to be a trivial process, which is great to see!

P.S. While you’re hacking on your devices, check out some of the other DNSSEC tools we are listing…

Youth Curling Open House – Fri, Dec 28, 1-3pm – Petersham, MA

CurlingWould your kids (or you if you are ages 5-18) like to try out the sport of curling? If so, if you live in north central Massachusetts or southwest New Hampshire, you will have an opportunity tomorrow to see what curling is all about at:
Youth Curling Open House
Friday, December 28, 2012 from 1-3pm
Petersham Curling Club, Petersham, MA
Curling is a fun team sport that is open to pretty much anyone to be able to play. I play in an adult league on Tuesday nights and my 10-year-old daughter (pictured) plays in the youth curling on Saturday mornings. It's about a 45-minute drive for us from Keene, NH, but it's worth it to play on good ice and learn the sport.

You are welcome to come by tomorrow and try it out. The open house is free and directions are available on the Petersham Curling Club website.

If you can't make it tomorrow but are interested in staying up on future events like this, we also have a Facebook page for the Petersham Youth Curling that you can "Like" and stay connected.

We'd welcome any youth who would like to join us on the regular Saturday mornings... it's a great amount of fun!

Sledding at Robin Hood Park

Sledding at Robin Hood Park

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IPv6 Kongress 2013 Call For Papers Deadline of January 20

The IPv6 Kongress 2013 is scheduled for June 6 and 7 in Frankfurt, Germany, and the program committee there has issued a call for papers seeking presenters on IPv6 topics.  Some of the session topics they are seeking include:

  • IPv6 und Smartphones respektive Tablets
  • IPv6-spezifische Sicherheitsprobleme
  • Einführungsverfahren in Firmennetzen
  • Privacy und Datenschutz
  • Praxisrelevante Unterschiede zwischen altem und neuem Protokoll
  • IPv6 in Embedded Systems
  • IPv6-Goodies – was uns ohne IPv6 bislang alles entgangen ist …

Obviously, the conference is in German… although “IPv6-Goodies” is probably understandable in any language! :-)

The deadline to submit a proposal is January 20, 2013. More info on the call for papers page.

Google+ Available Over IPv6

Googleplusipv6For those of us who are fans of Google+ and also IPv6, we were pleased to note that Google+ is accessible over IPv6.

Now, it may have honestly been this way for a while, but a Google+ update from Wes Hardaker made me pay attention to this fact.  Using the outstanding IPvFoo extension for Google Chrome (similar to the IPvFox add-on for Firefox), I could easily see that yes, indeed, my connection to Google+ was over IPv6.

It’s always interesting to click on the IPvFoo icon in my browser address bar and see what is not coming to me over IPv6, and in this case it seems to be ads being served by DoubleClick and whatever content is coming from

Googleplus ipv6

However, everything else is coming in over IPv6!

Now, sometimes that does change, I’ve noticed, but I expect that is simply a result of Chrome’s “Happy Eyeballs” implementation where it may sometimes find IPv4 to be faster than IPv6.

All in all it’s good to see… now we have both Google+ and Facebook accessible over IPv6.  Now we just need to get Twitter over IPv6!

P.S. While you’re over on Google+ checking this out, how about adding our Deploy360 page to a circle and giving us a +1? We’d love to interact with you over there.

FIR #683 – 12/24/12 – For Immediate Release

Cy Jervis interview is up, Ekaterina Walter interview is coming; FIR Android app is in Amazon app store; Quick News: Kudos to New York Times for integrating multimedia into an article, 18 UK government departments publish digital strategies, study shows quality content earns word of mouth, anonymous social network Social Number launches; Ragan promo; News That Fits: social media press release template 2.0, Michael Netzley's Asia report, Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop, update on IABC kerfuffle, listener comments, TemboSocial promo, Dan York's report; how to comment; music from The Mighty Whispers; and more.

Whoops! No Mayan Apocalypse… you DO have to deploy IPv6!

What? You thought the Mayan apocalypse would save you from deploying IPv6?

Sorry… but no, if you are reading this, the end of the world did not happen and you still do need to get on about the business of deploying IPv6!

Why not check out these IPv6 tutorials and get started?  Or check out all of our IPv6 resources?

The world isn’t ending… but the supply of IPv4 addresses IS… so why not end out 2012 by looking at what you have to do to get started with IPv6?