Google stats now consistently over 35% IPv6

It’s great to see Google’s IPv6 statistics climbing up consistently over 35%. This means that 35% of all users connecting to Google globally are doing so over IPv6.  And if you look at the statistics per country, the % is much higher in some parts of the world. All in all a good sign that […]

Google stats now consistently over 35% IPv6

Google ipv6 statistics rising up and to the right

It’s great to see Google’s IPv6 statistics climbing up consistently over 35%. This means that 35% of all users connecting to Google globally are doing so over IPv6. 

And if you …

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Welcome to 2022!

Just a test post using the mobile editor

Poem: In the end, it didn’t matter

In the endIt didn’t matterThat their kids got many other required vaccines for school
It didn’t matterThat their jobs required annual flu shots
It didn’t matterThat unvaxxed people they knew died
It didn’t matter,Their lords said this vaccine was bad

The Best Return To Work After Vacation Ever

Yesterday was my first day back at work after 10 days away on vacation where I did not check work email or Slack. I approached it with the usual perspective of “Ugh! How many messages will I have to wade through!” Quite often it can take a day or a couple of days to get caught up.. and sometimes you can feel like you need a vacation from taking a vacation! 😀 I have a whole regular “return from vacation" routine down. The first thing I do is copy my entire email inbox to a mail folder so that my…

Finding the Toolchain to Consistently Create Content

If one of my aspirations for this year is to consistently create content, one of my personal challenges is to figure out HOW to easily do that. Ideally, creating content on my own sites should be as easy as sending out a tweet, posting a message to Facebook or Mastodon, or posting an image to Instagram. And therein lies my challenge. I’d like to make it so that I could just post from my mobile phone or iPad, so that whenever I have a story idea I want to write I can just post something easily. And, I can also…

"Is It true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?" would be a good filter for posting to social media

When my wife and I were raising our daughters, there came a point when we tried to impress upon them that just because something was true didn’t mean you needed to SAY that right then. Yes, Dad might have dark circles under his eyes and look terrible because he was up all night sick, but does he really need to hear “you look terrible” right at this exact moment in time? That may be true, but did he need to hear it? At some point we started suggesting running comments though a filter of three questions: Is it TRUE? Is…

TDYR 410 – My Themes for 2022

For the 13th year, I started my first episode of 2022 talking about the “themes” I see myself weaving into my life over the next 12 months. This episode is a companion to this blog post that goes into more written detail:…

My Themes for 2022

Following my pattern of the past 13 years (see list), my first post of 2022 across all my sites is of three words that are my aspirations or “themes” for the year ahead. They are not “resolutions” so much as guiding thoughts or principles. In so many ways 2021 was a good bit of a “dumpster fire” of a year. We started off with such great hope that the pandemic would be under control … and ended with even higher case counts and more deaths that we’d had the previous year. It often does truly feel like the 672nd day…

Want to Help Guide the Future of the MANRS Routing Security Initiative? (Featured Blog)

Would you like to help guide the future of the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative? As the MANRS community continues to develop new efforts to make the routing layer of the Internet more secure (ex. the equipment vendor progra…