Testing Automatically Creating a Twitter Thread from a WordPress post

By way of a mention on Techmeme today, I learned that WordPress now allows you to tweet out a blog post as a linked thread of tweets. You can do this either using the hosted WordPress.com solution – or using … Continue reading

Using the details element via a Gutenberg block

As I wrote about last year, the HTML5 “details” element is a very useful and lightweight way to create a collapsed list of questions or other content. Investigating possible options, these kind of parts of a web page seem to … Continue reading

TDYR 398 – COVID-19, online learning, and… the END OF SNOW DAYS??

What??? With schools moving to online learning, are we really seeing the end of *snow days*? In this episode, I talk about the long tradition of “snow days” in the northern US, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we learn… and removing …

TDYR 397 – COVID-19: Have we depleted our brain’s surge capacity?

In this pandemic with its ongoing and never-ending uncertainty, is part of our challenge that we have depleted our brain’s “surge capacity”? Following on to the last episode 396 where I talked about the “Pandemic Productivity Plunge,” in this episode …

Call for Participation – ICANN 69 DNSSEC and Security Workshop, October 2020 (Featured Blog)

If you are interested in presenting at the ICANN 69 DNSSEC and Security Workshop during the week of 17-22 October 2020, please send a brief (1-2 sentence) description of your proposed presentation to dnssec-hamburg@isoc.org by 27 August 2020. We are op…

Call for Participation — ICANN 69 DNSSEC and Security Workshop – October 2020 (Featured Blog)


Experimenting with block patterns in WordPress 5.5

Here I am just inserting a “block pattern” in WordPress 5.5 that has two buttons side by side: The point of a “block pattern” is it lets you insert a pre-defined and pre-configured set of blocks. You then can edit … Continue reading

IPv6 Buzz Podcast Dives into Open Standards Everywhere

Logo of IPv6 Buzz podcast

What are the challenges with applications supporting IPv6? What do people, particularly those working in enterprises, need to know about how servers and applications work with IPv6? What is the Internet Society’s Open Standards Everywhere project doing to help? How can people get more involved? To answer all these questions and more, I recently joined […]

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TDYR 396 – Pandemic Productivity Plunge

So… anyone else struggling a bit with productivity during these pandemic times? In this episode I talk about some of my own struggles with productivity during the pandemic, as well as some of what people share in threads on Twitter – https://twitter….

Testing Lazy Loading of Embedded iFrames

This post is to test the lazy loading of iFrames, as noted in this blog post from David Walsh. I’m first going to just embed a video without the lazy loading: To make this work, I’m using a HTML block … Continue reading