Global Tech Outage Demonstrates Need for Resiliency in Software Systems

Today’s global outage of many systems was not an Internet outage, but it demonstrates the need for greater resilience in all our technical systems.
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US Supreme Court Upholds Right of Websites to Moderate Content 

In a decision on the NetChoice cases, the US Supreme Court upheld the rights of social media platforms to moderate content.
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Montana’s TikTok Ban: Breaking the Internet and Undermining Online Privacy 

Asking TikTok, Google, and Apple to more intrusively track nearly every American with a cell phone, based on the possibility that a TikTok user might enter Montana, would be a significant invasion of privacy. And yet that is the likely outcome if Mont…

AVFTCN 035 – 3 Articles To Read On Earth Day

Today is Earth Day… and when I climb up into that crow’s nest, hold up my spyglass, and look out at the horizon… it can look pretty bleak. It seems like the whole world is on fire in different ways. But amidst the chaos… what gives me hope is seeing people taking action. And they […]

The Internet and Climate Change

As we celebrate Earth Day 2024, the world seems to be on fire. Quite literally with some regions battling extreme wildfires, while other regions are drowning under massive flooding. Sea levels are rising, temperatures are climbing, and ice is melting….


20 years ago today I set up my account and first edited Wikipedia. In this episode, I talk about some of how that journey has gone over the 20 years. More info can be found in this blog post:…

Protection for Intermediaries Is Vital for the Internet in Mexico

We often overlook the factors that enable the Internet to accommodate a wide range of applications, from real-time surgeries to viral memes, and individual expression. Some of those factors are technical and some are policy. A critical policy issue th…

Nevada Wants to Reduce Online Protections for Children: All Internet Users Should Benefit from Strong Encryption

Today we joined an effort to stop the State of Nevada from making it easier for children’s personal information to be obtained by child predators, criminal gangs, foreign nations, and others. The State of Nevada seems to think that children deserve le…

The Github Malware Attack – and the Importance of Trusting the Repository You Use

There’s a terrible attack happening against Github right now where attackers are forking legitimate repositories and injecting malware – and then hoping unsuspecting users will download code from the attacker’s repo instead of the original. A researcher estimates this is happening to about 100,000 repos on Github.

As Dan Goodin writes at Ars Technica:

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New Excellent Analysis of Where IPv6 Grew in 2023

Where did IPv6 grow in 2023? Where did it not? What countries led on IPv6 deployment? Recently a colleague of mine at the Internet Society, Robbie Mitchell, laid all this out in a long post titled “Governments and Industry Driving IPv6 in 2023”. With data and many charts he walks through where IPv6 deployment is […]