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DNSSEC Training In Rwanda For The .RW ccTLD

I was very pleased to learn via a series of tweets this morning of a two-day DNSSEC training seminar that happened in Kacyiru, Rwanda, sponsored by the Rwanda Information and Communication Technology Association (RICTA) in partnership with ICANN. The seminar took place over the last two days and the agenda looks quite good.


It seems they got some good news coverage on two local sites, complete with other photos of the event: IGIHE and UMUSEKE. Unfortunately, as I cannot read Kinyarwanda, and neither, it seems, can Google Translate, I don’t have any idea what the articles are saying beyond the technical acronyms.

The attendance is great to see as Africa is one region where it would be great to see more ccTLDs signed with DNSSEC.  At this moment Rwanda’s .RW is not appearing on either our DNSSEC deployment maps nor on ICANN’s DNSSEC Status Report as signed with DNSSEC… but hopefully with a workshop like this that status will be changing soon!

P.S. To that end, I note that the seminar invitation reads “Adoption event for the .RW country code top-level domain name”. If anyone reads this from RICTA and could email us info about when they are planning to sign the .RW ccTLD, we’d love to add that information to our DNSSEC deployment maps.

Photo credit: RICTAInfo on Twitter

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