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TDYR #119 – There Are Always People Smarter Than You! The Beauty Of An IETF Meeting

There are always people smarter than you... and being around those people can be a great experience in which you learn much. In this episode I talk about how the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meetings are places where this happens for me...

Deploy360@IETF89, Day 3: v6ops, trans, 6lo

IETF LogoToday at the 89th IETF meeting we’re talking a good bit about IPv6.  The day starts with the first session of the IPv6 Operations Working Group (v6ops) that today will be looking at a number of documents about the impact of Neighbor Discovery multicasting on WiFi networks and exploring what can be done to provide operational guidance to network operators.

Later in the day we’ll be looking at IPv6 in the “Internet of Things” and other environments that are “resource-constrained”, i.e. devices with low levels of power, networking or processing capabilities.  That will be in the IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes (6lo) working group, one of the many IPv6 groups we’re monitoring at this IETF meeting.

At the same time that 6lo is meeting (for the first part), at least one of us will also be over in the Public Notary Transparency (trans) Working Group where, as I wrote about last week, they are looking at updating the “Certificate Transparency” work for logging TLS certificate usage.  This has some connection to the work we’re doing with DANE and now as well with TLS for applications.

Along the way, we’ll also be at the IRTF Open Meeting and in various other groups leading up to the Operations and Adminstration Plenary happening tonight and being broadcast live at starting at 17:50-20:20 UTC.

If you’d like to meet with us, please do say hello in one of these sessions!

Wednesday, March 6, 2014

v6ops (IPv6 Operations) WG
0900-1130 UTC, Sovereign Room
(5 March, 0900-1130, 6 March 1300-1500)

trans (Public Notary Transparency) WG
1520-1620 UTC, Blenheim Room

6lo (IPv6 over Networks of Resource Constrained Nodes) WG
1520-1730 UTC, Balmoral Room

Remote Participation

You don’t have to be in London to participate in the meetings of IETF 89. You can also:

  • Listen to live audio streams.
  • Participate in Jabber chat rooms to ask questions.
  • Download the slides planned for each session.
  • Listen and watch “Meetecho” conferencing sessions that provide an integrated view of slides, audio, chat and video.

Information about how to participate can be found on the IETF 89 Remote Participation page.  Keep in mind that times for London are in UTC.