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Free DNSSEC Training May 22-23, 2014, in Stockholm, Sweden

OpenDNSSEC logoAre you in Stockholm, Sweden, (or can easily get there) and interested in learning more about DNSSEC? If so, we’ve learned that the great folks at OpenDNSSEC will be offering a free two-day training class on May 22-23, 2014.  More info can be found at:

The agenda is online as are the study materials. This training is obviously aimed at people who will use OpenDNSSEC as a means of signing their DNS zones and if you haven’t considered that option before you may want to do so.

Given that this is a hands-on workshop, it is not available for remote participants.  As the web page notes, the OpenDNSSEC team is open to bringing this training to other locations.

For other training options, please visit our DNSSEC Training page.

Seeking Reviewers – Open Source Courseware for IPv6 Computer Networking

Computer Networking open source coursewareWould you be interested in reviewing a computer networking course book that is being updated for IPv6 and is available as an open source document for all to use? We learned a bit ago that professor Olivier Bonaventure at the Universite catholique de Louvain in Belgium is seeking reviewers for his draft 2nd edition of “Computer Networking : Principles, Protocols and Practice” that he has updated for IPv6. The book can be found at:

although what is perhaps more interesting is that Professor Bonaventure has made the book available on Github at:

It is available for anyone to use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.  He is seeking comments about the book and asking people to raise new issues on Github at:

where you can see that some reviewers have already filed a number of suggestions and bug reports.

We understand that the goal of Professor Bonaventure and his team is to develop a more finished version of this 2nd edition by the middle of this year and we commend them on this effort.  These kind of courseware books / modules that can be used at universities and other training centers are definitely welcome.  We look forward to adding this course book to our IPv6 Training page as it continues to evolve.

If you have a bit of time to read through the book, Professor Bonaventure and his team would no doubt appreciate any feedback you may have!


DNSSEC Training In Rwanda For The .RW ccTLD

I was very pleased to learn via a series of tweets this morning of a two-day DNSSEC training seminar that happened in Kacyiru, Rwanda, sponsored by the Rwanda Information and Communication Technology Association (RICTA) in partnership with ICANN. The seminar took place over the last two days and the agenda looks quite good.


It seems they got some good news coverage on two local sites, complete with other photos of the event: IGIHE and UMUSEKE. Unfortunately, as I cannot read Kinyarwanda, and neither, it seems, can Google Translate, I don’t have any idea what the articles are saying beyond the technical acronyms.

The attendance is great to see as Africa is one region where it would be great to see more ccTLDs signed with DNSSEC.  At this moment Rwanda’s .RW is not appearing on either our DNSSEC deployment maps nor on ICANN’s DNSSEC Status Report as signed with DNSSEC… but hopefully with a workshop like this that status will be changing soon!

P.S. To that end, I note that the seminar invitation reads “Adoption event for the .RW country code top-level domain name”. If anyone reads this from RICTA and could email us info about when they are planning to sign the .RW ccTLD, we’d love to add that information to our DNSSEC deployment maps.

Photo credit: RICTAInfo on Twitter

Free DNSSEC Training In Singapore March 19-21

DNSSEC trainingAre you going to be in Singapore March 19-21 and would be interested in some DNSSEC training?

We’ve been alerted by our friends at ICANN and the NSRC that they have a few open seats in the DNSSEC training classes they are offering on March 19-21 in cooperation with the Singapore NIC (operators of the .sg ccTLD).  Rick Lamb, one of the instructors, notified us that the training is free if people can get there – and that people who hold ISC2 certifications such as the CISSP credential can earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for attending the course.

The training agenda looks excellent and having worked a good bit with Rick I can very definitely say he is incredibly knowledgable with everything related to DNSSEC.  I’ve also heard great things about the other instructor, Phil Regnauld, and of NSRC training in general.

Rick said it would be best if people contacted him directly via email to see if there is still space in this course.  I’ll note that this training is happening right before the ICANN 49 meeting in Singapore, and so if you are already going to ICANN 49 perhaps you can adjust your schedule and go a few days early to check out this training!

APNIC Offering DNSSEC Training In Dhaka, Bangladesh, on November 8, 2013

APNIC logoAre you interested in learning about DNSSEC and live near Dhaka, Bangladesh? (or can get there?) If so, the folks at APNIC are offering a day of DNS/DNSSEC trainingon November 8, 2013. From the abstract:

This course will discuss the concept of DNS Security in detail, mechanisms to authenticate the communication between DNS Servers, mechanisms to establish authenticity, and integrity of DNS data and mechanisms to delegate trust to public keys of third parties.

The outline looks quite interesting:

  • DNS concepts
  • Forward and Reverse DNS
  • DNS Security concepts
  • DNS Protocol Vulnerabilities
  • Transaction Signatures (TSIG)
  • DNS security extensions (DNSSEC)
  • Setting up secure zones
  • DNSSEC Key management
  • DNS and IPv6

(I like that bit at the end about “DNS and IPv6″! ;-) )

For more information such as location and fees, as well as the link for registration, please visit the APNIC web page for this class.

OpenDNSSEC Offering Free DNSSEC Training Oct 10-11 in Stockholm, Sweden

OpenDNSSECInterested in learning more about how to use OpenDNSSEC to secure your DNS infrastructure with DNSSEC?  We recently learned from a post by Patrik Wallström in the DNSSEC LinkedIn Group that there will be a free training class in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 10 and 11, 2013.  More information and a registration link can be found at:

Patrik notes:

You are welcome to attend a free training course in OpenDNSSEC.  It is a two-day training, where you get a mixture of theory and hands-on experience. We will be using virtual servers hosted by Amazon, so please bring your own laptop.

The full agenda for the training class can be found on the .SE site.

It’s great to see this training happening in Stockholm – and Patrik notes that people can contact him to discuss offering this training in your community (his contact info is on the training page).

APNIC Offering DNSSEC Training in Mongolia April 1-3

APNIC logoWe noticed that our friends over at APNIC are offering DNSSEC training in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from April 1-3 and since, well, we’ve never written anything about Mongolia on this site before, we figured we ought to do so!

The course is APNIC’s DNS/DNSSEC workshop and sounds like an excellent offering.  Given that APNIC was recently tweeting about this event we are assuming there is still space available.

The training session is one in a whole series of training workshops APNIC is offering on topics including DNS/DNSSEC, IPv6, Routing and more.

Given that Mongolia’s .MN TLD is signed with DNSSEC (as shown in the list of signed TLDs), we’re looking forward to seeing more signed .MN domains and more usage of DNSSEC in Mongolia after this workshop!

5 DNSSEC Training/Technical Sessions at USENIX LISA Next Week In San Diego

USENIX LISA 2012 logoWant to learn more about DNSSEC?  Next week at the USENIX Large Installation System Administration (LISA) Conference in San Diego there are going to be some excellent DNSSEC sessions in addition to our ION San Diego event happening on Tuesday.

Starting it off will be a half-day DNS and DNSSEC tutorial on Tuesday morning (right before our ION event) by Shumon Huque of the University of Pennsylvania.  It looks like a great way to spend the morning diving deep into DNS and DNSSEC.

Tuesday afternoon will be our ION San Diego conference where we have two sessions focused on DNSSEC on our agenda. First, Pete Toscano of ARIN will talk about ARIN’s support of both DNSSEC and RPKI. Second, I’ll be moderating what should be a truly outstanding panel on the topic of deploying DNSSEC.  We have a great group of panelists including Rick Lamb from ICANN, Infoblox’s Cricket Liu who is also the author of multiple O’Reilly books on DNS, Jim Galvin of Afilias (who operates multiple TLDs) and Roland van Rijswijk-Deij of SURFnet who has been very actively working on getting more validating DNS servers deployed.  The panel will be a questions-based, highly interactive discussion session that we expect to be very educational (and perhaps entertaining) for all attending.  I’ll have questions for the panel but there will also be plenty of opportunities for you to ask your questions, too.

(Did we mention that registering for ION San Diego is FREE? Just fill out the form and come in for great IPv6 and DNSSEC education.)

Jumping to Friday, there are then two invited talks about DNSSEC. First, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij of SURFnet will be discussing “DNSSEC: What Every Sysadmin Should be Doing to Keep Things Working“. Roland’s presentations have been both educational and amusing in the past, so I’m sure this should be a good one.  Following Roland and closing out the DNSSEC sessions next week, Scott Rose of NIST will be presenting “DNSSEC Deployment in .gov: Progress and Lessons Learned” where he’ll be providing the case study of the US government’s deployment of DNSSEC and relaying their lessons learned thus far.  Scott and the team at NIST have been doing great work monitoring the DNSSEC deployment and this session should be very helpful to those looking to understand how to deploy DNSSEC on a very large scale.

There you have it… lots of great DNSSEC material!  If you are in San Diego next week for USENIX LISA, check out these sessions and also come to our ION conference.  Great opportunities to learn what you need to do to get started with DNSSEC today!

DNSSEC Training: Men and Mice

Men & Mice has worked with the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), authors and maintains of the BIND DNS server, to provide training related to DNSSEC for several years at both conferences and in training centers all over the world. Their latest schedule of courses can be found at:

Men & Mice offers focused classes on DNSSEC and also includes DNSSEC as a component of other DNS-related classes. Men & Mice also provides IPv6 training classes.

The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme does not recommend or endorse any particular commercial providers of training. The information provided here is to assist people in finding training providers and is part of a larger effort to list all known providers of DNSSEC-related training. If you know of an additional training providers we should include, please contact us.

Looking for DNSSEC Training? Here Is Some Courseware…

DNSSECLooking for some material to teach people about DNSSEC? Would you like to run your own training session? Or incorporate some DNSSEC material into other courses you have?

If so, Olaf Kolkman and the great folks at NLNet Labs have released some courseware coming out of some DNSSEC training they did earlier this year at:

Available in PDF, Keynote and PowerPoint – and available under a Creative Commons distribution license – the material covers overall DNSSEC issues and also goes into deep dives in installing/configuring Unbound and OpenDNSSEC.

Great materials to have out there openly available – and many thanks to Olaf and the crew at NLNet Labs for making this material available to the public.