March 30, 2014 archive

Congrats to Aruba for Signing .AW with DNSSEC

dnssecIt was great to see that Aruba is the latest country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) to join the 298 TLDs that have signed their TLD with DNSSEC. With the .AW TLD signed, the first barrier is removed for companies and organizations seeking to sign their .AW domains and achieve the higher level of security possible with DNSSEC. At some point soon the registry for .AW should be able to start accepting DS records and the global chain of trust can then extend down to all signed .AW domains.

If your domain is in one of the other 297 signed TLDs, what are you doing to secure your domain? Have you signed your domain with DNSSEC yet? If not, how can we help you get to that point?

P.S. Aruba will now show up in the DNSSEC deployment maps and CSV files that we publish every Monday. If you are interested in receiving those maps each week via email, please visit the page and sign up.