March 2, 2014 archive

“Bitcoin And Internet Payment Systems” – IETF 89 Technical Plenary – Live video stream available (Featured Blog)


TDYR #116 – Getting Wirecast Set Up For Livestreaming ISOC@IETF89 Panel On Tuesday

Tonight was spent getting "Wirecast for YouTube" set up for the livestreaming of what should be an interesting "Internet Society @ IETF89" Briefing Panel on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. More info at:

Slides: Why We Need #MoreCrypto / TLS In Applications

Why do we need TLS in applications? Why do we need “more crypto”? Recently Olle Johansson put together a good set of slides that nicely summarize the issue:

Yes! We need more use of TLS! Please help us spread the word!