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TDYR #127 – Is There A WordPress Plugin To Convert Email To A Post Or Page?

TDYR #127 - Is There A Wordpress Plugin To Convert Email To A Post Or Page? by Dan York

A Breakfast Gathering of DNSSEC Advocates At IETF 89

One of the great joys of working within the DNSSEC community is the truly outstanding and passionate people that are all focused on how we can make the Internet more secure and trustworthy. Last week at IETF 89 in London a few of us who were there were able to meet for breakfast on Friday morning and we have a photo to prove that (click for a larger version):

DNSSEC Advocates

It was an enjoyable time and several ideas for further activities came out of the conversations that happened there. Plus we got to see who was wide awake at 7:30am and who was desperately needing caffeine. :-)

The people there at the breakfast were subscribers to the “dnssec-coord” mailing list that was set up to help in the coordination and communication between people who want to accelerate the deployment of DNSSEC.  That list is open to anyone to join.  We have a monthly conference call and do other work on the mailing list.  Some of the people on the list are able to get to IETF and/or ICANN meetings.  Some of the list subscribers don’t go to those meetings and participate only electronically and on the phone calls. Some are from large companies and some are individual consultants.    It doesn’t matter… all are welcome to join and be part of the conversation about how to make the Internet more secure via DNSSEC and DANE.

We’d love to have you join us!  If you’d like to help accelerate the adoption of DNSSEC and are interested in the advocacy/promotion/publicity side of the adoption work, please feel free to subscribe to dnssec-coord and join in our efforts.