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DNSSEC Deployment Workshop On Wednesday At ICANN 48 – Live stream available

icann48Interested in learning the current status of DNSSEC deployment?  Want to hear case studies from people who have deployed DNSSEC?  Would you like to know about some of the latest DNSSEC tools and services?  And what the role is of the DANE protocol?  All that and more will be discussed this Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at the “DNSSEC Workshop” at the ICANN 48 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The agenda, slides, and links for remote participation can be found at:

Both and audio and video live stream will be available.  The workshop begins at 9:45 am local time in Argentina, which is 12:45 UTC and 7:45 am US Eastern.

UPDATE: The workshop begins at 8:30am local time, which is 11:30am UTC and 6:30am US Eastern.

This technical workshop at ICANN meetings continues to be one of the best gatherings of the DNSSEC community and the sessions here again look to be extremely useful and educational.  They include:

  • DNSSEC Deployment Statistics
  • DNSSEC Activities in Latin America
  • DNSSEC For The Enterprise
  • Guidance For Registrars in Supporting DNSSEC
  • DNSSEC Root Key Rollover
  • Automated Update of DNSSEC Information
  • Operational Realities of Running DNSSEC
  • DNSSEC Innovation: DANE Tools and Ideas

The last of these sessions on DANE will be one where I will be speaking.

The sessions will be recorded if you are unable to watch live… but if you do get a chance to watch live you’ll also be able to ask questions through the web interface.  As I mentioned, the slides for the session are all available at that URL above if you’d like to get a head start on seeing what will be discussed.

Do check it out… and get started today with using DNSSEC to make the Internet more secure!


Comcast and Time Warner Show Dramatic Increases In IPv6 Deployment

Great news posted over on the World IPv6 Launch site today – both Comcast and Time Warner Cable in North America have show rather dramatic increases in their deployment of IPv6.  Based on the latest published IPv6 measurements, the World IPv6 Launch article included this chart for Comcast:

Comcast IPv6 growthAnd this chart for Time Warner Cable:

Both of those show a trend definitely going in the right direction!  Congrats to the network operation teams at both Internet service providers for making this happen!

Additionally the article pointed out that Google’s IPv6 adoption statistics continue to climb, again showing a very nice upward trend.

All of it goes to show that IPv6 deployment IS happening!  If you haven’t deployed IPv6 yet, please do check out our IPv6 resources and let us know how we can help you get connected before you get left behind!

TDYR #048 – Heading To Buenos Aires To Talk DNSSEC At ICANN 48

TDYR #048 - Heading To Buenos Aires To Talk DNSSEC At ICANN 48 by Dan York

Watch/Listen Live TODAY to “DNSSEC For Everybody – A Beginner’s Guide” at ICANN 48

icann48Want to quickly learn about DNSSEC and how it can make the Internet more secure?  Want to see an easy illustration of how DNSSEC works? Want to understand why DNSSEC is so important to strengthen the Internet against attackers? If so, tune in TODAY at 5:00 pm / 17:00  Buenos Aires time ( 20:00 UTC, 3:00 pm US Eastern) for the “DNSSEC For Everybody – A Beginner’s Guide” session where a group of people involved with DNSSEC will answer all these questions and more.  Information is at:

There are audio streams available in 7 languages and a “Virtual Meeting Room Stream Live” that will get you video and the slides.  The slides and session notes are also available at the bottom of that web page.

The overview of the session is:

DNSSEC continues to be deployed around the world at an ever accelerating pace. From the Root, to both Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs), the push is on to deploy DNSSEC to every corner of the internet. Businesses and ISPs are building their deployment plans too and interesting opportunities are opening up for all as the rollout continues. Worried that you’re getting left behind? Don’t really understand DNSSEC? Then why not come along to the second ‘DNSSEC for Beginners’ session where we hope to demystify DNSSEC and show how you can easily and quickly deploy DNSSEC into your business. Come and find out how it all works, what tools you can use to help and meet the community that can help you plan and implement DNSSEC.

These are great sessions and usually I am participating but this week my travel schedule won’t get me to ICANN 48 until tomorrow. (Warren Kumari thankfully was able to cover my usual role.)  You don’t need any knowledge of DNSSEC to participate and it talks about DNSSEC in a fun and interesting way.  (And yes, there’s actually a skit involved! )

Look for the blue smoke… :-)

P.S. If you can’t watch live, the session will be recorded and available later at that same URL for viewing.


FIR #730 – 11/18/13 – For Immediate Release

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