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Watch Live – What Does “Success” For IPv6 Look Like? (Briefing Panel on Nov 5) (Featured Blog)

Now that IPv6 deployment is happening in major networks around the world, the question becomes -- what does "success" look like for IPv6? How much IPv6 traffic is "enough"? What are major milestones we should be tracking in IPv6 deployment? What is next for IPv6? More...

Deploy360@IETF88: Day 1 – 6Man and v6OPS

IETF LogoOur first day here at IETF88 is a quieter day for us on the Deploy360 team in terms of the number of sessions but  today’s sessions are two of the biggest in terms of content related to our work with IPv6.   The “6man” working group is focused on the “maintenance” of IPv6 and continuing the evolution of the IPv6 protocol.  The 6man agenda is FULL of talks about suggested fixes and improvements – and should generate some good discussion and actions.

Similarly, today’s “IPv6 Operations” (v6ops) sessions has what should be very interesting discussions:

Xbox One and Teredo
Balanced Security for IPv6 Residential CPE
An Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Profile for 3GPP Mobile Devices
NAT64 Operational Experiences
Recommendations of Using Unique Local Addresses
464XLAT CLAT IPv4 Address

Information about the two sessions today is here, including the links for the audio streams, the slides and the Jabber chat rooms:

For these sessions and all the others, the “tools-style agenda” for IETF 88 provides many helpful links for remote participants.

If you’d like to meet with the Deploy360 team here at IETF88, please see our post about where we’ll be at IETF88.

An audio version of this post is also available:

Meet The Deploy360 Team At IETF 88 In Vancouver This Week

IETF LogoThe 88th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) takes place this week in Vancouver, BC, and Megan Kruse and myself (Dan York) will be there participating in Working Group sessions, recording some video interviews, helping with the live video stream of the IETF 88 Technical Plenary and the ISOC@IETF panel on IPv6 and just generally meeting with people about how we accelerate the deployment of IPv6, DNSSEC and routing technologies!

If you’d like to meet with us at IETF 88, the best bet is to probably send an email to:

as that gets to both of us and the rest of the team.  As to where you can find us at IETF 88, you can expect to find Megan and I in most of the sessions related to IPv6, DNSSEC or routing resiliency/security.  Here are some of the prime ones where one or both of us will be:

You can also expect us to be in other sessions where IPv6 or DNS or routing security are mentioned.  We’re around and we’d definitely be interested in meeting with people while here.  Please do drop us an email message or find us in person.

FIR #728 – 11/4/13 – For Immediate Release

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