November 6, 2013 archive

Deploy360@IETF88: Day 3 – Perpass, IPv6 Operations and Operational Security

IETF LogoOn Day 3 of IETF88 our focus is again on IPv6 as well as the overall topic of hardening the security of the Internet.  The first sessions we’re primarily tracking is the IPv6 Operations (V6OPS) which has a whole range of documents under consideration relating to IPv6 addressing. The second session is Operational Security (OPSEC) where there are two drafts related to IPv6 security.

On a broader topic, we’ll be watching the IETF 88 Technical Plenary focused on “Hardening The Internet” and then the “Perpass” working group coming up after that.

My earlier posts about DNSSEC sessions and IPv6 sessions at IETF 88 explain in more detail what we’ll be watching.

Information about the four sessions today, including the links for the audio streams, the slides and the Jabber chat rooms, is:

For these sessions and all the others, the “tools-style agenda” for IETF 88 provides many helpful links for remote participants.

If you’d like to meet with the Deploy360 team here at IETF88, please see our post about where we’ll be at IETF88.