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TDYR #107 – The Joy Of Local Theatre Productions

TDYR #107 - The Joy Of Local Theatre Productions by Dan York

NIST Offers New Tool To Verify TLSA Records For DANE / DNSSEC

Are you experimenting with using the DANE protocol to provide an additional layer of security to your TLS/SSL certificates via DNSSEC?  Would you like to easily test that your TLSA record needed for DANE works correctly?

If so, the folks at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) now have a new tool for testing TLSA records and DANE support.  All you do is go to:


and in the simplest form just enter in the URL of the site you want to test.  Here is an example of what happened when I entered https://www.freebsd.org/ (click image to see larger version):



The site basically tests that you have your TLSA record correctly configured and that it matches the TLS/SSL certificate you are using with your web server.

Now, if you don’t have a site with a TLSA record but want to see how the tool works, the NIST tool helpfully lets you choose from one of the DANE test sites we list here on Deploy360.  You can also connect to the NIST “DANE Reference site” to explore different usage types.

In an email message to several public mailing lists, tool author Stephen Nightingale at NIST indicated that his latest version of this tool was now offering the choice of testing from clients based either on TLSlite or GnuTLS. He goes on to note:

Mine was one of the ‘DANE-in-the-App’ sites that Viktor Dukhovni reviewed, and he kindly gave an extensive critique. Many of his points have been addressed. A few things still to clear up:

  • I’m not checking for certificate revocation. That is on the list to fix.
  • For 0xx and 1xx uses, it is hard to identify a single canonical CA list. I have overlapping, but different Root Cert sets from Mozilla, Fedora and Linux Mint. So when searching for an authority to build a verification chain I cycle through all of these until succeeding or exhaustion of the possibilities. Some of the DANE 360 listed sets (including some from members of this group) fail to authenticate because the root certs are not in my authorities. A golden, canonical CA list would be nice to find. But I guess that its non-universal availability is one of the problems of the CA system that DANE is aiming squarely at.

The differences between TLSlite and GnuTLS clients highlight the fact that there are unresolved interoperability issues among TLS implementations. It seems reasonable that TLS interoperability testing be instituted as pre-requisite to DANE testing. The development of a TLS Interoperability test suite is therefore on our ‘to-do’ list. I look forward to seeing the newly upgraded OpenSSL client with added DANE. It is quite possible that as an interim step before its appearance I will add this DANE-in-the-App implementation to pyOpenSSL and/or Twisted.

Thanks to Stephen and the team at NIST for making this tool public and we hope that it will help those of you working with DANE to test out your implementations.

Have You Joined The "FIR Podcast Community" On Google+?

Fir communityIf you are interested in social media, PR, marketing, podcasting and similar topics, have you joined the "FIR Podcast Community" on Google+? While the community is intended for listeners of the "For Immediate Release (FIR)" network of podcasts it is just a great place to go to keep track of current issues, ideas and trends within the world of PR/marketing/communications.

The community has a good mixture of posts by FIR podcast hosts about their shows and also from listeners and others who post links and engage in topics that are along the lines of the themes of various FIR shows.

It's one of the communities on Google+ to which I regularly go and participate in as often as I can. Pretty much every time I visit I see some links that I find helpful.

Anyway, if you have not yet joined the FIR Podcast Community on Google+, I'd encourage you to do so!

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