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TDYR #105 – The Good News That IPv6 Deployment *IS* Happening Around The World

If you are in IT and have been avoiding learning about IPv6 because you think it will never happen, new measurements show that it IS being deployed around the world! More info and stats here: http://www.circleid.com/posts/20140219_anyone_who_still_thinks_ipv6_wont_happen_isnt_watching_measurems/

Anyone Who Still Thinks IPv6 Won’t Happen Clearly Isn’t Watching the Measurements (Featured Blog)

Anyone who still is using the "I'll-just-wait-on-IPv6-because-it-will-never-happen" approach is clearly NOT watching the measurements. First, there was the news last week that Google's IPv6 measurement had crossed over 3% less than five months after crossing the 2% mark. Then today comes word from the World IPv6 Launch measurements program that the February 2014 measurements are up... More...

New IPv6 Measurements: Comcast nearing 25%, Verizon Wireless 46%, DT at 18%

World IPv6 Launch measurements for February 2014Great news out of the World IPv6 Launch measurements this month! As our colleague Mat Ford writes, Belgium’s Telenet is a new entrant into the measurements that is already showing an impressive 12.17% deployment of IPv6. Congratulations to the team there for making that happen!

Scanning down the February 2014 measurements, there are some other interesting points, too:

  • Comcast is nearing 25% IPv6 deployment as compared to a measurement of just over 16% in November 2013.
  • Time Warner Cable is up to 5.37% vs just under 3.5% back in November.
  • Deutsche Telekom grew from just under 16% last month to now basically 18% deployment.
  • Verizon Wireless continues to show strong growth with 45.75% IPv6 deployment.
  • Other North American wireless operators have a good showing, too, with AT&T at 16.77% and T-Mobile USA at 15.76%.
  • Google Fiber is showing over 76% IPv6 deployment.
  • Free in France showing 37% IPv6 deployment.

Much more to see as you look down the measurement set.

Keep in mind that as mentioned on the bottom of the World IPv6 Launch measurements page, the measurements are for the % of IPv6 deployment that is seen from each registered network by the four companies participating in the measurements program:  Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and Akamai. The various methodologies used by the four companies are explained at the bottom of that page.

Is your network already using IPv6?  Would you like to join in the World IPv6 Launch measurements program?  If so, just fill out the form.

And if you network is NOT yet using IPv6, how can we help you?  (Check out our IPv6 resources to get started.)