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TDYR #097 – After Playing In A Great Curling Game, And Also Watching Olympic Curling

After playing a great game of curling down in Petersham, MA, I talked about that game and also about how great it is to watch Olympic curling!

Watch LIVE Today: NANOG Sessions On IPv6 Performance, Addressing

NANOG-60Today’s meeting of the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) provides two opportunities to learn more about IPv6 by watching the NANOG live video stream at:


First, from 2:30 – 3:15 US Eastern time, Lee Howard of Time Warner Cable will present on “IPv6 Performance Bonus“. The abstract is:

Data from multiple sources suggests that IPv6 offers better performance over IPv4. Presentation includes the data and methodologies, plus test results investigating the reasons for the performance difference.

Later in the day, from 4:30 – 5:00 US Eastern time,  Athanasios Douitsis from the NTUA Network Operations Centre in Greece will present on “Building an IPv6 Address Management System“. From his abstract it sounds like it should be an interesting case study in how to implement a system for IP address management.  (You can also see our IPv6 address planning page for resources related to this topic.)

The full NANOG 60 agenda lists the other sessions that will be happening today and tomorrow, as well as presentation files for sessions that have already occurred.

If you are at NANOG 60 in Atlanta this week, please do remember that our Chris Grundemann is there at NANOG. Please do find him and say hello!