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Live Today – “IPv4 Exhaustion and the Path to IPv6” from INET Denver (Featured Blog)


Watch LIVE Today – INET Denver: IPv4 Exhaustion and the Path to IPv6

INET Denver logoWant to learn the current state of IPv4 address exhaustion and corresponding IPv6 deployment in North America?  Interested in learning about the state of the market for IPv4 addresses (i.e. the cost you may incur if you don’t move to IPv6)?  Want to learn what ARIN’s latest policies are around IP address allocation?

If so, you can watch the livestream of the INET Denver event happening today, April 17, starting at 1:00pm US Mountain time (3:00pm US Eastern, 12noon US Pacific) at:


The INET Denver agenda includes sessions on:

  • IPv4 Exhaustion Update
  • IPv4 Exhaustion at ARIN
  • Address Policy Workshop
  • Evaluation of Current Transfer Market
  • TCO of IPv6
  • Internet Society Initiatives and How To Get Involved

The event has an excellent set of speakers who are extremely knowledgeable in the field – it should be a great event!

Note that if you cannot view the event live, it will be recorded so that you can watch the sessions later.

As we mentioned previously, Richard Jimmerson and Jan Zorz from our Deploy360 team will be there and would be glad to meet with anyone there to talk about what we are doing here and to get feedback on how we can help get IPv6 deployed even faster.

Over 25% of Verizon Wireless Traffic Is Now Over IPv6

Verizon Wireless IPv6 statsWe were very pleased to learn via a blog post that a new set of network operator measurements are up on the World IPv6 Launch site at:


One of the most interesting statistics to me was that IPv6 traffic on Verizon Wireless’ network has now climbed to 26.25%.  This reflects the fact that IPv6 is part of Verizon’s rollout of LTE, as documented in a Verizon Wireless presentation about IPv6 and LTE given at APNIC 34 in August 2012.

Congratulations to Verizon Wireless for passing the 25% mark! They are the first to do so of the mobile operators that are being tracked as part of the World IPv6 Launch measurements.

I’ll note, too, that when you go to that IPv6 measurements page and click the column headed “IPv6 traffic” twice you wind up with a list sorted by highest percentage of IPv6 that is quite interesting:

Network Operator IPv6 Traffic

Somewhat predictably a number of universities are leading the way with Gustavus Adolphus College having an outstanding 62.17% of all traffic being IPv6. Great to see the U.S. Navy’s SPAWAR network in there, too, with 41.30% IPv6 traffic. It’s also nice to see webhosting providers Dreamhost and Hurricane Electric in the top 10 with just over 29% (Dreamhost) and 25% (HE) of all their traffic being IPv6.  I admit that I do find it a bit fascinating to scroll through the lists and see who is doing what with IPv6. The graphics further down the page are also interesting to see.

Note that these measurements are only from network operators that ask to be included in the World IPv6 Launch.  If you are a network operator providing IPv6 connectivity and are interested in being included on this list, please fill out the form on the World IPv6 Launch site.

Now, the question in my mind is, who will be the next mobile operator to climb over 25%?  And how soon will Verizon Wireless pass other prominent marks?

FIR #699 – 4/15/13 – For Immediate Release

Book Club episode is up, Future of Business book review and Brian Solis interview are coming, upcoming speaking gigs; Quick News: how secure is your WordPress site?, SEC-social media update, why become an authority on Google Plus, Digg surveys Google Reader users; Ragan promo; News That Fits: two new case studies, Dan York's report, BBC's tough choice, Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop, listener comments, social data and CMOs, survey says social media hurts friendships; music from Belladonna, and more.

Last Day To Submit Comments To ICANN About The DNSSEC Root Key Rollover

ICANN.jpgAs we mentioned previously in both a blog post and an audio commentary, today, April 12, 2013, is the last day to weigh in with comments to ICANN about the rollover process of the DNSSEC Root Key-Signing Key (KSK). We strongly encourage you to read ICANN’s request for public comment and the comments already submitted … and then submit your own via the email address in the public consultation notice.  Even if to some degree you are just amplifying what others have already said, that is worthwhile and helpful to ICANN to get a sense of public sentiment among those who care about this issue.

There’s just a few more hours…

Video: Advancing the Network – Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed (ION San Diego)

Where is the Internet going? What comes next with regard to IPv6, DNSSEC and other technologies? At our ION San Diego event on December 11, 2012, we had a great panel session called “Advancing the Network – Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed” where we explored exactly these issues.

Moderated by Shumon Huque of the University of Pennsylvania, the panelists included:

  • Ron Broersma (DREN)
  • Paul Ebersman (Infoblox)
  • Paul Mockapetris (Nominum, Inc.)
  • John Spence (nephos6)

You can now watch the video and hear their views as well as the points raised by audience members:

Reminder – Livestream of ICANN46 DNSSEC Workshop Happening Now

ICANN 46 logoAs we mentioned previously the DNSSEC Workshop happening right now at ICANN 46 in Beijing, China, is being streamed live out on the Internet using Adobe Connect. You can view the slides and video and listen to the audio by following the links off of:


It is also being recorded so you can view it later. It should be an excellent session for those interested in DNSSEC.

The workshop has already started here in Beijing and will be continuing for the next 6 hours.

An Amazing Number – China Now Has 564 Million Internet Users: 75% Are Mobile (Featured Blog)

One of the staggering numbers introduced during the opening remarks at ICANN 46 here in Beijing by multiple speakers, including ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade and speakers from the Chinese government, was this: China now has over 564 million Internet users! Think about that for a minute. More...

Use Reddit and interested in DNSSEC? Subscribe to the ‘dnssecurity’ subreddit

reddit-dnssecurityIf you are a Reddit user interested in DNSSEC, there is now a subreddit focused on “DNS security” at:


Please do subscribe and comment – and also please feel free to contribute links to any articles or resources out there related to DNSSEC, DANE or other topics related to DNS security.

P.S. There’s also a subreddit for IPv6, too.

An Amazing Number – China Now Has 564 Million Internet Users: 75% Are Mobile (Featured Blog)