April 8, 2013 archive

Comments? Our “Routing Content Roadmap” Is Now Available

We want your comments and feedback!  Back in December we announced our new section on routing resiliency/security. Since that time we have been talking to many people about what we can offer to help people make their routing infrastructure more resilient. We’ve come up with our list of what content we now think we need to add and posted it to our site:


Now we would like to hear from you. What do you think of this list? Is this the content we should be adding?  Are there additional other resources we should be adding?

We are planning to start writing these resources soon, so we’d love to hear from you soon. Please send us email or complete our feedback form to let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

New Maps Show Current State Of Global DNSSEC Deployment

Do you want to see where DNSSEC has been deployed around the world? We’re now delighted to publish a series of maps showing DNSSEC deployment on a global and regional basis. The maps can be found here:


The maps are created by Shinkuro, Inc., and we are publishing them with their permission and support. The maps will be updated regularly and we’ll be updating the page periodically when there are major changes.

You are free to use the maps in presentations or other materials. Note that there is a high-resolution PDF file for the global map. For those looking to see the trends, there is also an animated GIF that shows the deployment trend over the past as well as into the future (based on public statements around future deployment plans).


We’re pleased to bring you these maps… and look forward to the day when even more of the map is colored in green!

FIR #698 – 4/8/13 – For Immediate Release

Book Club recording coming, Steve Rubel interview is up; FIR will have audio from May 2 B2B Huddle; Quick News: study delves into hashtag usage, Vine may be the next big thing for brands, crowdsourcing can slow false rumors, Microsoft apologies for employees tweets; Rasgan promo; News That Fits: Collaborative data journalism in action, Dan York's report, social media now SEC compliant, Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop, listener comments, can Google Hangouts replace press conferences?, Michael Netzley's Asia report, social media and the language of PR; music from Robert Walker and the Century Band; and more.