April 19, 2013 archive

Congratulations to Thailand and the Christmas Islands on their DNSSEC-signed TLDs

dnssecCongratulations to both the Christmas Islands and Thailand for the DNSSEC-signing of two more top-level domains (TLDs):

  • .CX   (Christmas Islands)
  • .ไทย  (Thailand)

In the case of Thailand, their .TH domain was already signed with DNSSEC, but this is now the internationalized domain name (IDN) for .TH.

These two new signed TLDs bring the count to 104 out of 317 TLDs according to ICANN’s TLD report.

Great to see!  (and a tip of the hat to Jeff Moss for tweeting out this news.)

P.S. To understand more about IDNs, Wikipedia has a useful article.