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Heading to Beijing For ICANN 46

Icann46-beijingTomorrow morning I'm starting a trip to Beijing for the 46th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a.k.a. "ICANN". ICANN is the organization at the heart of the Domain Name System (DNS) and I'll be there specifically to take part in several DNSSEC workshops related to how to better secure DNS.  I'll also attend an IPv6 workshop and some of the many other meetings scheduled for the week-long event. 

These are very good technical meetings in the midst of all the other business-related meetings at an ICANN event. You can participate remotely if you are interested to do so (details are in those links).

Some colleagues of mine prepared the "Internet Society's Rough Guide to ICANN 46's Hot Topics" which gives a sense of what those of us from the Internet Society will be doing there at ICANN.

ICANN meetings are always crazy-busy and I'm looking forward to meeting up with people I know from a variety of contexts.  We've got an outstanding program lined up for the DNSSEC workshop, so that will be a great event.

I've never been to China, so this should be an interesting experience.  I probably won't have much time to look around, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a few hours during the week to look around (probably during some morning runs, if the weather and pollution levels will allow me to do so).

If you are going to be at ICANN 46, please feel free to contact me.  I'll also of course be posting some live updates from there as well.

Here's a quick audio commentary on my trip:

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Heading To Beijing For ICANN 46

Heading To Beijing For ICANN 46 by Dan York

IPv6 Workshop at ICANN 46 in Beijing on April 10

ICANN 46 logoIn addition to the DNSSEC sessions next week at ICANN 46 in Beijing, there will also be an IPv6 Workshop on Wednesday, April 10, from 14:45 – 16:45 Beijing time.   Coordinated by APNIC and ICANN, it looks like an interesting agenda:

  • IPv6 on LTE (Li Haijun, China Mobile)
  • Enabling IPv6 in last miles (Shinichi Yamamoto, Chubu Telecommunications)
  • IPv6 in China (Zhao Wei, CNNIC)
  • Monitoring IPv6 deployment (Miwa Fujii, APNIC)

If you’d like to listen in remotely, information can be found on the IPv6 workshop web page about how to listen remotely in several different languages.

Note: our Communications team has now published a “Rough Guide to ICANN 46′s Hot Topics” that highlights what is going on at ICANN that is of interest not only to our Deploy360 team, but also to our other teams involved with public policy and Internet governance issues.