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DNSSEC and IP Communications (including VoIP, UC, RTC, SIP)

This page will serve as a repository of information related to how DNSSEC and DANE can work with communications protocols based on IP, including voice-over-IP (VoIP), unified communications (UC). real-time communications (RTC) and the use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).


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Presentation Slides


There is a good amount of discussion about DNSSEC happening in various DNSSEC communities around the Internet although at the current time there is no specific area focused on VoIP and DNSSEC.


We are aware of the following softphones that support IPv6:

Communications Equipment and Software

Beyond softphones, we are aware of the following equipment that supports IPv6.

Additional resources will be added to this page as we become aware of them.

Know of additional resources related to IPv6 and IP communications that we should list?  Please let us know!