December 28, 2012 archive

Weekend Project: Add DNSSEC Validation to an OpenWRT WiFi Device

Looking for a weekend project?  Do you use a WiFi access point based on OpenWRT?

If so, here are some quick instructions about how to install the Unbound DNS resolver that supports DNSSEC validation into OpenWRT.  What this will do is change the DNS resolver in your access point to start performing DNSSEC validation… so as more domains get signed you’ll be able to know that you are, in fact, getting to the correct domain. Plus, with DNSSEC validation available you’ll be able to start playing around with very cool new technologies like the DANE protocol… who knows what you’ll be able to do with it!

The great thing is that it turns out to be a trivial process, which is great to see!

P.S. While you’re hacking on your devices, check out some of the other DNSSEC tools we are listing…