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Traceroute to provides amusing results

For network geeks, this is rather amusing… someone was obviously a bit bored some day and had a bit of fun! This was what it looked like on my Mac right now. (Hat tip to Michele Neylon for first pointing this out to me in some social media channel.)

$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 (  0.663 ms  0.537 ms  0.277 ms
2 (  34.913 ms  30.602 ms  28.762 ms
3 (  28.827 ms  30.120 ms  21.132 ms
4 (  19.262 ms  22.382 ms  19.438 ms
5 (  30.941 ms  32.204 ms  36.969 ms
6 (  48.409 ms (  45.363 ms  46.521 ms
7 (  44.828 ms  46.147 ms  46.715 ms
8 (  46.134 ms (  44.569 ms  45.409 ms
9 (  102.968 ms  101.157 ms  99.935 ms
10 (  99.752 ms  102.249 ms  100.301 ms
11 (  98.776 ms  97.968 ms  98.756 ms
12 (  97.956 ms  95.644 ms  96.459 ms
13  * * *
14 (  96.024 ms  96.826 ms  97.406 ms
15 (  87.981 ms  97.264 ms  86.158 ms
16 (  89.937 ms  86.768 ms  87.949 ms
17 (  88.073 ms  87.895 ms  86.609 ms
18 (  93.351 ms  92.933 ms  90.876 ms
19 (  115.629 ms  96.391 ms  96.864 ms
20 (  101.257 ms  102.472 ms  102.213 ms
21  he.rides.across.the.nation (  108.059 ms  107.064 ms  108.290 ms
22  the.thoroughbred.of.sin (  111.206 ms  110.611 ms  109.944 ms
23 (  116.866 ms  117.842 ms  115.659 ms
24 (  120.375 ms  123.519 ms  121.631 ms
25  it.needs.evaluation (  127.377 ms  126.769 ms  127.779 ms
26 (  132.761 ms  132.705 ms  131.315 ms
27  a.heinous.crime (  136.769 ms  136.045 ms  137.322 ms
28 (  141.842 ms  141.447 ms  148.635 ms
29 (  146.332 ms  147.854 ms  146.570 ms
30 (  149.928 ms  150.487 ms  152.083 ms
31 (  157.190 ms  156.693 ms  155.737 ms
32 (  160.201 ms  161.399 ms  159.623 ms
33  he-s.bad (  166.007 ms  165.738 ms  165.244 ms
34  the.evil.league.of.evil (  171.012 ms  170.984 ms  172.062 ms
35 (  176.041 ms  174.358 ms  176.463 ms
36 (  181.276 ms  178.815 ms  180.667 ms
37 (  188.481 ms  185.823 ms  188.627 ms
38 (  194.008 ms  189.161 ms  193.114 ms
39 (  198.708 ms  195.870 ms  195.894 ms
40  o_o (  200.037 ms  200.691 ms  201.280 ms
41  you-re.saddled.up (  207.748 ms  206.896 ms  205.608 ms
42 (  211.288 ms  219.062 ms  212.026 ms
43  it-s.hi-ho.silver (  216.961 ms  218.367 ms  216.492 ms
44 (  214.262 ms  218.125 ms  215.096 ms

RFC 7511 – Scenic Routing for IPv6

IETF LogoCarrying on a grand old April 1 tradition, the IETF today released RFC 7511, Scenic Routing for IPv6. Given the amount of attention in the industry to environmentally-friendly “Green IT”, this RFC aims to help all the poor IPv6 packets that are trapped inside of wires and cables… and instead gives those packets some fresh air!

Yes, indeed, this new RFC 7511 recommends that packets travel using the RFC 1149 method: “A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers“.  Either that or over wireless networks… some way that those poor, deprived packets can see some sunlight! :-)

I did enjoy the little dig at IPv4:

As of the widely known acceptance of the current version of the
Internet Protocol (IPv6), this document only focuses on version 6 and
ignores communication still based on Vintage IP.

Anyway… in the spirit of the day, you may enjoy RFC 7511.

We’ll be back at you tomorrow, when people may actually take things we write more seriously!

Happy April Fools Day!

Friday Humor – Hipku Encodes An IPv6 Address As Haiku

hipkuFor your Friday enjoyment, here is the IPv6 utility you never knew you needed – Hipku will encode an IP address as haiku.  For instance, here is the IPv6 address of our Deploy360 website:

Chilled apes and fat smew
aid chilled ace ace ace ace ants.
Ace ants aid ace clans.

Now, I’m not personally sure that helps me a great amount… but it’s certainly something amusing to try on a Friday.  You may get something more memorable for your address. :-)   You can visit the site at:

and get the actual source code on Github at:

It does work for IPv6 and IPv4 addresses and if you click on the link for your current IP address (under “Example”) you’ll get a nice page with an image behind it.

As author Gabriel Martin explains, he did this entirely for fun … and he does go into great detail about how he did it all.

Anyway… have fun with it!

P.S. And when you are ready to get serious about implementing IPv6, please head over to our Start Here page to find resources designed to help you get started today!

P.P.S. And if you are asking yourself, “why would I remember an IPv6 address? That’s what DNS is for!”  We agree… and we also think DNS should be made secure!  If you aren’t familiar with DNSSEC, why not learn about it today?

Playing Google’s Interactive Rubik’s Cube Over IPv6

Today Google’s front page is an interactive “doodle” celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube.  Apart from feeling old since I remember when the Rubik’s Cube first came out, I was also of course thrilled to note that being on a Google website, this interactive Rubik’s Cube is available over IPv6:


Using the IPvFoo add-on for Google Chrome I can verify that almost all of my communication is indeed going over IPv6:

Google Rubik's Cube Doodle

I am guessing from the URLs that the IPv4 connections are to some type of measurement site.  Regardless, the main communication is all happening over IPv6.

And this doodle reminded me, too, that it’s been a looooonnnnnggg time since I worked with a Rubik’s Cube! :-)

If you play with the interactive version today, I hope you have fun… and if you aren’t seeing it over IPv6, why not check out our “Start Here!” pages to see how you can join the rest of us?

Humor: IPv6 Exhaustion Counter

In the spirit of the IPv4 Exhaustion Counter, we were greatly amused to see that there is an IPv6 Exhaustion Counter. :-)


As well as an alternative version for IPv6 prefixes.  Kudos to Sam Bowne for creating this fun little counter!

The beautiful part about IPv6 is that there are no issues with running out of IPv6 addresses… and you can be free to think of IPv6 address plans without all the legacy restrictions of IPv4 and trying to conserve every possible address.

How can we help you make the move to IPv6 today?

Friday Fun: An IPv6 Pumpkin At Tomorrow’s Keene (NH) Pumpkin Festival

Tomorrow, somewhere among the 30,000+ pumpkins displayed at the Keene Pumpkin Festival 2013, will be this pumpkin stating proudly “IPv6″. Probably most people won’t have a clue… but it will be a fun little thing for the geeks and technology folks out there.  Living here in Keene, New Hampshire, as I do, you wind up carving a lot of pumpkins because the pumpkin festival is really our largest annual community event.  After a while, you get tired of carving just simple faces, so it’s always fun to do something different.  If you look at some of the photos (more links to photos here), 30,000-ish pumpkins is a huge amount of pumpkins… and somewhere in there will be one saying IPv6! :-)
Pumpkin carved with IPv6

What about you?  Are you going to carve any “IPv6 pumpkins” this year?  I thought about carving “::1″, but I thought even fewer people would know what that was! ;-)

Friday Humor: The Day The Routers Died

Yes, this video is almost 6 years old… but it’s still worth a laugh on a Friday afternoon!  If you haven’t ever listened to “The Day The Routers Died” performed at the RIPE 55 meeting by Gary Feldman, well… you owe yourself the chance to do so!  And if you have seen it… or were there … it’s a fun look back – many of the people visible are folks who are still very active today!

Note that the full lyrics are available on the YouTube page if you are interested.

(and now I’ve got that song stuck in my head!!!)

Friday Humor: “Keep Calm and Enable DNSSEC” (and IPv6, too!)

keepcalmandenablednssecGiven that it’s a Friday afternoon and the end of our work week, I felt there was no better way to end the week than to highlight the image tweeted out by Marco Davids of SIDN this morning.  Yes, indeed, we in the DNSSEC community now have our own version of the (overused?) “Keep Calm” Internet meme…

(And you can get the full-size version via Marco’s Twitter account.)

Now in seeing Marco’s tweet, I learned of which I kind of knew had to exist out there somewhere, but had just never taken the time to find.

So… in order that IPv6 advocates don’t feel left out… I’ve created a “Keep Calm and Enable IPv6″ image as well!  (And yes, I tried fitting both DNSSEC and IPv6 in, but didn’t like the result.)

Anyway, thanks, Marco, for giving us something to smile about today!   Have a great Friday afternoon… and for those of you have a weekend ahead of you, I hope you have a great one!

Whoops! No Mayan Apocalypse… you DO have to deploy IPv6!

What? You thought the Mayan apocalypse would save you from deploying IPv6?

Sorry… but no, if you are reading this, the end of the world did not happen and you still do need to get on about the business of deploying IPv6!

Why not check out these IPv6 tutorials and get started?  Or check out all of our IPv6 resources?

The world isn’t ending… but the supply of IPv4 addresses IS… so why not end out 2012 by looking at what you have to do to get started with IPv6?

Alec Saunders Is A Rock Star In RIM’s Strange New Blackberry 10 Video

BlackberryOh... my. As anyone who knows me can attest, it's extremely hard to render me speechless... but I admit to sitting here this morning staring at the screen with a rather uncomprehending expression on my face and with my mouth hanging open...

Sometime after my friend Alec Saunders joined RIM last year as their VP of Developer Relations, I said to someone that while I admittedly did view his new mission as somewhat akin to tilting at windmills, he was perhaps just the kind of "rock star" that RIM needed. A very passionate and dynamic presenter... a very charismatic leader who could rally people... a creative guy with a theatre background... someone who thinks differently...

... never in my wildest ideas did I expect that we would be seeing Alec AS an actual "rock star" in a music video! But yes indeed, here he is with two other VPs from RIM in a remake of the famous REO Speedwagon song. (Alec is the main singer.)


My speechlessness soon gave way to laughter ... and appreciation for them for doing something rather different. If they were looking for a way to be "remarkable" and memorable, they found it.

Now, somewhat predictably, some of the tech press are calling this an act of sheer desperation and I'm seeing comments in social networks calling it "painful" and "cringeworthy."

But that's the point, really... the video is getting people talking about Blackberry!

Even me, who hasn't really written about RIM and Blackberry here since, oh, last year shortly after he joined RIM. :-)

The video is over the top... I did cringe a couple of times as they twisted lyrics to fit the tune. But it made me smile. And laugh. And I'll remember it!

Will it attract new developers to the BB10 platform? Will it keep existing developers staying loyal to the platform?

I don't know. They have a huge uphill battle to fight. But hey, at least this was something fun and different!

Kudos to Alec and all the folks at RIM for what was obviously a great amount of time, energy and talent into doing something definitely unique!

And here's the full video for those who want the experience:

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