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CITO Olaf Kolkman Speaking at RSA 2017 about IoT Security with Bruce Schneier

Today at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, our Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman will be speaking as part of a panel on:

Internet of Insecurity: Can Industry Solve It or Is Regulation Required?

The abstract of the session is:

The rise of IoT has brought forth a new generation of devices and services representing significant innovation, yet all too many ship insecure and are not supported over their life. They have become proxies for abuse with a capacity for causing significant harm. Can we wait for industry and stakeholders to adopt trust frameworks and seal programs or do we need government to step in?

The other panelist will be reknown security researcher Bruce Schneier and the moderator is Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President of the Online Trust Alliance.

The panel starts at 8:00am Pacific (UTC-8) in the Moscone North 130 room. Unfortunately it is not being live streamed, but you can follow our @InternetSociety account on Twitter for live updates.

As background reading related to Internet of Things (IoT) security, I suggest:

If you are there at the RSA Conference today, please do visit this session and engage in the discussion.

If you are a journalist and would like to speak with Olaf more about this topic, please contact Allesandra Desantillana who is at the RSA Conference and can assist in connecting you with Olaf.

Please also watch this blog as we plan to post more information after the event.

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