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For Immediate Release #74: Influencer Marketing or Influencer Relationships?

Note: This episode continues our experiment with a streamlined format: two guest co-hosts instead of three panelists and fewer stories. We were able to shave even more time off the show this week and will aim for further slimming next week. Please let us know how you like the format — and the length — by sending an email to fircomments@gmail.com

Shonali Burke and Angus Nelson join Shel Holtz for this week’s episode, which covered these stories…

  • A report from TopRank Marketing, Traackr, and Brian Solis presents some influencer marketing data and recommends evolving the practice for one-shot, quick-hit marketing efforts to longer-term influencer relationship building.
  • One story Angus shared predicts the future of work will be all about freelancers and companies tapping into vastly distributed talent pools. Another opines that Human Resources will be pivotal in the future to ensure companies take advantage of the uniquely human elements of their employees. Are these ideas mutually exclusive?
  • Dan York reports on a new report out of the Pew Internet Center about algorithms.
  • The primary benefit of Artifical Intelligence is to make predictions — something that has been expensive — abundant and cheap. The value of people is in exercising judgment. This will represent a massive shift in the nature of work that people do. Are organizations taking adequate steps to prepare employees and other stakeholders for this change?
  • Ryan Holiday created the roadmap for effective unethical marketing practices. Now he’s worried that the alt-right has adopted his playbook. CEOs who are quick to condemn laws and policies may be playing right into their hands.

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About today’s guest co-hosts:

A veteran of small and large PR agencies, Shonali Burke is the award-winning president & CEO of her eponymous social PR consulting firm, Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc., where she and her team(s) help for- and non-profit organizations small and large reach business goals by taking their communications “from corporate codswallop to community cool.” Shonali also serves on the Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University in its M.A. /Communication program, as well as the Rugers University School of Communication and Information.  Before launching her own consultancy, Shonali worked as Vice President of Digital Media and marketing for MSL Group, and as Vice President of Media and Communications for the ASPCA.

Angus Nelson is the “people guy” at Brain+Trust Partners, an engaging consultant, facilitator, speaker, and executive coach. Former head of Member Success at Crowd Companies, he and Jeremiah Owyang founded an innovation community of Fortune 1000 companies – his focus on the p2p economy and future of work. He’s spoken at corporate headquarters for Walmart, Whole Foods, Coke, Adobe, Hallmark and Swisscom. His podcast, “Up In Your Business”, was recognized as a Top 20 Business Podcast on Inc.com. He’s been featured in Inc.com, Aol.com, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, and SocialFresh.com. Later this year, Morgan James will release his book, “Empowering Work” addressing the gigification of corporate roles, freelance economy,  and the needy for emotional intelligence in the future of work.

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