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Watch live – June 6 panel on “Innovation, security, and the Internet of Things (IoT)” in Ottawa

As a side event before the 2018 G7 Summit this week in Canada, tomorrow, 6 June 2018, the Internet Society will hold a panel to not only talk about the risks and opportunities the Internet of Things (IoT) brings, but also what policy makers can do to build a connected future for everyone.

The panel, Innovation, security, and the Internet of Things, will take place in Ottawa Ontario. If you’re in Ottawa, you can join us from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 6 June, at the Alt Hotel Ottawa at 185 Slater St. If you’re somewhere else, the event will be

Moderator David Akin (Global News) will facilitate a discussion between:

  • Jeff Wilbur, Director, Online Trust Alliance
  • Katie Watson, Policy Advisor, Internet Society
  • Jacques Latour, Chief Technology Officer, Canadian Internet Registration Authority
  • Mike Hoye, Engineering Community Manager, Mozilla

While the opportunities these connected devices can bring us are virtually unprecedented, the steps we must go through to protect ourselves online can feel overwhelming. At the Internet Society, we believe in a future where manufactures, software developers and service providers put people first and ensure user’s privacy and security is their top priority.

To understand more, you can listen to Mark Buell, North American Bureau Director, explain why a secure and open Internet is important, what we expect from G7 leaders, and what to expect from the expert panel discussion on the topic (audio, 6 minutes):

Learn more:

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At RSA USA 2018 in San Francisco this week? Join the IoT Security conversation on Tuesday, April 17

Are you attending the RSA USA 2018 Conference this week in San Francisco? If so, please plan to join this panel session happening Tuesday, April 17, 2018, from 3:30 – 4:14pm (PDT):

IoT Trust by Design: Lessons Learned in Wearables and Smart Home Products

Moderated by my colleague Jeff Wilbur, Director of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), the panel abstract is:

The world has awakened to the need for tighter security and privacy in consumer-grade IoT offerings. This panel will present a trust framework for IoT, and wearable and smart home experts will discuss top attack vectors, typical vulnerabilities in devices, apps and systems, common reasons for design compromise, the evolution of security and privacy in IoT and where it needs to go.

They will be discussing the OTA’s IoT Trust Framework, as well as some new mechanisms available to help enterprises understand the risks associated with IoT devices.

If you believe securing the Internet of Things is a critical step to having a secure Internet, please join Jeff and his panelists to learn more.

Unfortunately there appears to be no live stream available but they do seem to be recording many of the sessions. If Jeff’s session is recorded we will update this post and our event page with that information once the recording is published.

We will be posting updates to our blog and our RSA USA 2018 event page. You can follow our updates on Twitter at @InternetSociety. You can also follow the #RSAC hashtag on Twitter for updates about the overall conference.

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EuroDIG 2017: ISOC Speaks on Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Human Rights, IoT, Internet Shutdowns and more

How do we create a more secure and trusted Internet within the multistakeholder model of Internet governance? That will be among the many questions addressed this week at the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) in Tallinn, Estonia. From June 5-7, we will have an Internet Society team on site participating in many sessions. Our EuroDIG 2017 page has all the details – including links to live video streams – but at a high level here are some of the workshops we are participating in:

  • Plenary panel on cybersecurity
  • New business models and the Internet
  • Blockchain technology and internet governance
  • Community connectivity: empowering the unconnected
  • Criminal justice on the Internet – identifying common solutions
  • Workshop on human rights and IoT
  • Internet content blocking: from collateral damages to better solutions
  • Stress testing the multistakeholder model in cybersecurity
  • Drowning in data – digital pollution, green IT, and sustainable access
  • Forced data localization and barriers to cross-border data flows: toward a multistakeholder approach

Again, view our EuroDIG 2017 event page to see exact times and live stream links.

To stay up on our activities, you can follow us on social media – and follow the hashtags #eurodig17 and #eurodig on Twitter.

Please do say hello to our staff in the sessions – and tell us how you think we need to work together to build a stronger Internet and #ShapeTomorrow.

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CITO Olaf Kolkman Speaking at RSA 2017 about IoT Security with Bruce Schneier

Today at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, our Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman will be speaking as part of a panel on:

Internet of Insecurity: Can Industry Solve It or Is Regulation Required?

The abstract of the session is:

The rise of IoT has brought forth a new generation of devices and services representing significant innovation, yet all too many ship insecure and are not supported over their life. They have become proxies for abuse with a capacity for causing significant harm. Can we wait for industry and stakeholders to adopt trust frameworks and seal programs or do we need government to step in?

The other panelist will be reknown security researcher Bruce Schneier and the moderator is Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President of the Online Trust Alliance.

The panel starts at 8:00am Pacific (UTC-8) in the Moscone North 130 room. Unfortunately it is not being live streamed, but you can follow our @InternetSociety account on Twitter for live updates.

As background reading related to Internet of Things (IoT) security, I suggest:

If you are there at the RSA Conference today, please do visit this session and engage in the discussion.

If you are a journalist and would like to speak with Olaf more about this topic, please contact Allesandra Desantillana who is at the RSA Conference and can assist in connecting you with Olaf.

Please also watch this blog as we plan to post more information after the event.

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Deploy360@IETF92, Day 2: DNSSEC, DANE, IPv6, IoT and Homenet

IETF 92 - 6 man working group

The second day of IETF 92 is a big one for DNSSEC with both the DNSOP and DANE working groups meeting back to back in the afternoon.  There’s also the 6LO working group looking at IPv6 in “resource constrained” environments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the day begins with Homenet exploring how we create better home networks based on IPv6.  And in the midst of that will be the IDR working group working to improve the Internet’s routing infrastruture! Here’s what today looks like for us…

NOTE: If you are unable to attend IETF 92 in person, there are multiple ways to participate remotely.

We start in the 0900-1130 CDT block in the International Room where the Homenet working group will be meeting.  As Phil Roberts explained in his Rough Guide to IETF 92 post about IPv6:

the Homenet working group is doing a lot of interesting work producing open standards for protocols to implement robust networks in homes of the future, all based on IPv6. The topics include routing, addressing, naming, and security. It’s exciting to see new standards work for such a potentially huge area for extending the reach of open standards in networks that matter to people around the world.

Beyond IPv6, we’re also monitoring Homenet for possibilities where DNSSEC and TLS can help improve the security of those home networks.

As was curiously the case yesterday, the 1300-1500 CDT session block does not contain any of the regular groups we follow, but you might find us in HTTPBIS hearing about the next version of HTTP, in NETCONF learning about network configuration proposals (the zero touch provisioning draft looks interesting), or over in ACE understanding new ideas to make the Internet of Things (IoT) more secure.

Speaking of IoT, the 1520-1720 CDT session block is one in which we’ll be split across three different working group sessions, one of which will be IoT focused.  The 6LO working group, formally known as the IPv6 over Networks of Resource Constrained Nodes WG, has a packed agenda looking at how IPv6 works in IoT environments.  Transmitting IPv6 packets over near field communications (NFC), security and privacy, multicast technologies and multiple discussions of the IoT bootstrapping process… it all should make for an interesting discussion for those folks looking to get IP everywhere!

Simultaneously over in the Far East Room, the Inter-Domain Routing (IDR) working group will be looking at ways to improve the Internet’s routing infrastructure.  Andrei wrote more about some of the routing discussions happening at IETF 92. I’m interested in the draft here about route leaks, as I find that area fascinating.

However, I’ll be over in the Gold Room (virtually, as I am remote for this meeting) for the DNS Operations (DNSOP) working group that has a VERY packed agenda looking at how to improve the operations of the Domain Name System (DNS). As I wrote in my Rough Guide to IETF 92 post, this session has a good number of drafts related to “DNS security” in general.  I expect there to be some vigorous discussion around the restriction of “meta queries” such as the ANY query.  There are multiple drafts on the agenda about reserving new top-level domains (TLDs) such as .onion, which inevitably gets discussion.  The QNAME minimization is important for DNS privacy/confidentiality… and there are a range of other discussions that will be had related to making DNS work better, faster and be more secure.

We’ll end the day in the 1730-1830 CDT block with the DANE Working Group focused on the DANE protocol and how it can be used to add a layer of trust to TLS and SSL certificates.   This is incredibly important work and while the agenda for today has only one presentation about DANE and S/MIME, I expect based on the strong activity on the DANE mailing list that other topics will be brought up.

When the sessions are all over, Chris and the many folks in Dallas will no doubt head to the IETF Social Event, while those of us who are remote will have a bit of break before heading into Day 3.  Speaking of attending remotely, please do remember that multiple options to participate are available at

For some more background, please read these Rough Guide posts from Andrei, Phil and I:

Relevant Working Groups:

For more background on what is happening at IETF 92, please see our “Rough Guide to IETF 92″ posts on the ITM blog:

If you are at IETF 92 in Dallas, please do feel free to say hello to our Chris Grundemann. And if you want to get started with IPv6, DNSSEC or one of our other topics, please visit our “Start Here” page to find resources appropriate to your type of organization.

Image: a photo by Chris Grundemann of the 6man working group.

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