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For Immediate Release #52: All About Influence

Today’s panel features social media and communications consultant Richard Binhammer, Zoetica Media CEO Kami Huyse, and Little Bird co-founder and board chairman Marshall Kirkpatrick. Our topics included…

  • The “Social Contract with Patients” published by Allergan’s CEO that outlined the company’s commitment to restrict price increases for its drugs; the post also referred to those who boost their drug prices “outliers” who threaten the ecosystem.
  • eMarketer’s projection that Snapchat will earn almost $1 billion in ad revenue next year and how communicators should start taking advantage of the service
  • Ford Motor Company’s move into businesses other than making cars for individuals to buy (because they’ve seen the writing on the wall for individual car ownership) and what it means for communicators when the vehicles people ride in become moving entertainment systems
  • The state of influencer marketing
  • Why the presidential candidates aren’t making use of some of the newer social media channels
  • The sorry state of social media engagement (and whether Google rewards high social share counts)
  • Dan York talks about the misunderstanding that has become a political issue over the U.S. “giving up control of the Internet” (it’s not)

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @rbinhammer, @KamiChat, and @marshallk.

Links to the source material for this episode are on Contentle.

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

About today’s panel:

Richard Binhammer

Richard Binhammer is one of the first adopters of social media for business. In 2006, he became active in social media by engaging with bloggers who were using their new-found influence to impact brands and corporate reputations. From these beginnings of monitoring blogs through simple web searches, he became an early adopter of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, leading to strategic adoption of social networks for business purposes. He currently consults on social media strategies, skills assessments/training programs and corporate communications efforts. From 2006-2012, he was a widely acclaimed corporate leader in experimenting, adopting, analyzing and deploying social media as a tool to help business be social and do better business. As director on Dell’s Social Media and Community team, he was also responsible for communications, social relations and training while continuing to be active in Dell’s social media outreach and overall adoption across the company. Before Dell, he worked with several communications consulting agencies in St. Louis and New York and worked in Canada as a political aide to senior cabinet ministers.

Kami HuyseKami Huyse founded Zoetica Media. She writes an award-winning blog, Zoetica Talks, on the topic of public relations and social media strategy. Kami is a national leader in the use of social media for public relations. She speaks at social media events and conferences all over the country and her work in social media has earned her the SNCR’s 2008 Reputation Management award and IABC’s 2009 Gold Quill of Excellence Award. Kami was a 2010 fellow of the Society for New Communications Research where she pursued a study on how cause marketing in social communities can benefit companies. She is also the co-founder and organizer of the Social Media Breakfast Houston.

marshallkAfter a successful career blazing trails in new media as one of the top tech bloggers in the world (first hired writer at TechCrunch, co-editor of ReadWriteWeb), Marshall Kirkpatrick now leads the Little Bird team building software for enterprise marketers to do research, real-time market intelligence and marketing amplification. It’s for influencer marketing, content marketing, and research.

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