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Tesla’s Software Update To Enable Self-Driving Cars Both Delights And Concerns Me

In a fascinating bit of synchronicity, yesterday morning at pretty much the exact same time that I was finalizing the publication of our IoT Overview paper and publishing Karen Rose's IoT blog post, my friend (and former CEO of a company for which I worked) Jonathan Taylor was posting a photo to a social network of receiving a software update for his car over the Internet.

Yes, you read that correctly. 

His car, a Tesla, was downloading a software update across his home WiFi network. 

Dan York

ICANN 54 in Dublin: IANA, Women In Technology, DNS Security and more…

Over the next seven days we'll have an Internet Society team on the ground in Dublin, Ireland, at the 54th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Dan York

TDYR 268 – After My AstriCon2015 Keynote, I Can Breathe Again

TDYR 268 - After My AstriCon2015 Keynote, I Can Breathe Again by Dan York

DNSSEC And DANE Activities At ICANN54 In London On 19-21 October

ICANN 54 logoNext week we’ll be in Dublin, Ireland, for the 54th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and as per usual there will be a great amount of DNS security activity happening. Some great introductions to DNSSEC and DANE – and some outstanding technical talks (and demos!) on Wednesday. Here are the three main activities – remote participation is available for two of them. Do note that all times are Irish Standard Time (UTC+1).

DNSSEC For Everybody: A Beginner’s Guide

On Monday, 19 October 2015, we’ll have the regular “DNSSEC For Everybody: A Beginner’s Guide” session from 17:30-19:00 where we’ll do our “skit” dramatizing DNS and DNSSEC. If you have been seeking to understand WHY this all matters, do join in to see! You can watch it remotely (or watch the archive later) at:


And yes, I’ll be talking about blue smoke as I usually do…

DNSSEC Implementers Gathering

After the DNSSEC For Everybody session on Monday, many of us who have been involved with deploying DNSSEC or DANE will travel to a nearby restaurant for the “DNSSEC Implementers Gathering” for food, drink and conversation from 19:00-20:00 IST. Many thanks to Afilias for sponsoring the event this time.  Perhaps obviously, there is no remote participation possible for this event.

DNSSEC Workshop

As usual, the main event will be the DNSSEC Workshop on Wednesday, 21 October 2015, from 9:00 to 15:15 IST.

Remote participation information, slides, the agenda and more info can be found at:


The sessions will be recorded if you would like to listen to them later. Slides will be posted as the date gets closer.

The current agenda includes:

0900-0915 – DNSSEC Workshop Introduction, Program, Deployment Around the World – Counts, Counts, Counts

  • Dan York, Internet Society
0915-1045 – Panel Discussion: DNSSEC Activities in the European Region

  • Moderator: Russ Mundy, Parsons
  • Panelists:
    • Ondrej Filip, CZNIC
    • Billy Glynn, Consultant
    • Cristian Hesselman, SIDN
    • Peter Koch, DENIC
    • Vincent Levigneron, AFNIC
    • Peter Janssen, EURid
    • Sara Monteiro, .PT
    • Roland van Rijswijk, Surfnet – Making the Case for Elliptic Curves in DNSSEC
1045-1100 – Break
1100-1215 – Panel Discussion: DNSSEC On The Edge

  • Moderator: Jacques Latour, CIRA
  • Panelists:
    • Joe Abley, Dyn – Registrar Signing Services
    • Ólafur Guðmundsson, CloudFlare – DNSSEC Signing at Scale on the Edge
    • Jacques Latour, CIRA — DNSSEC DS Auto Provisioning (DSAP)
1215-1230 – Great DNS/DNSSEC Quiz

  • Paul Wouters, Fedora
1230-1315 – Lunch Break
1315-1430 – Demonstrations and Presentations: DNSSEC and Applications

  • Moderator: Dan York, Internet Society
  • Panelists:
    • Sara Dickinson, Sinodun — DNSSEC for Legacy Applications
    • Wes Hardaker, Parsons – DNSSEC/DANE Demonstration
    • Richard Lamb, ICANN – Outlook and SMIME/DNSSEC Demonstration
    • Paul Wouters, Fedora – Protocols and Applications to Add an Additional Security Layer
1430-1500 – Presentation: Stimulating DNSSEC Validation for .NL

  • Cristian Hesselman, SIDN/SIDN Labs
1500-1515 – Presentation: DNSSEC – How Can I Help?

  • Russ Mundy, Parsons and Dan York, Internet Society

If you will be there at ICANN 54 please do say hello – you can find me in these sessions… or drop me a note at york@isoc.org and we can arrange a time to connect.

And … if you want to get started with DNSSEC and DANE, please visit our Start Here page to find resources that can help!

For Immediate Release #4: Leave Justine alone!

Welcome to episode #4 of For Immediate Release. This week’s panel includes Think AHA Chief Instigator Mitchell Levy (who is also the host of Thought Leader Life on the FIR Podcast Network), Stone Temple Consulting senior consultant Doug Haslam, and ClaimWizard co-founder and marketing director Lynette Young.

On today’s show, we explored the following topics:

  • A Washington Post reporter called out Edelman for soliciting reporters’ insights on a client’s communications efforts, not an unusual practice, but this time it was veiled in secrecy and involved a donation made on the reporter’s behalf to a charitable organization. While a couple reporters found the solicitation unacceptable, it didn’t get any serious traction as a story. We wonder why.
  • Twitter has launched Twitter Moments, the latest in a barrage of news platforms that also includes Facebook’s Instant Articles, Apple News, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and Snapchat Live Stories. What are the implications for the practice of PR and, in particular, pitching stories to the media?
  • Justine Sacco, the PR professional shamed by the Internet for a misguided tweet, is now working for FanDuel, one of the two big fantasy sports gambling sites that finds itself embroiled in its own controversy. Yet several sources including the New York Post have made an issue of Sacco’s role with the company.
  • In his Tech Report, Dan York looks at Ello’s iOS app, whether email (and tools like Tiny Letter) aren’t the anti-Facebook, the plans to live-stream the Democratic debate, and Dan’s upcoming talk at AstriCon.
  • A study from Maxwell PR + Engagement delves into blogger expectations and practices when it comes to working with brands.
  • Mitchell leads a discussion on best practices for becoming a thought leader.
  • PR News wants $450 for the print version of a social media guide. Would you pay?
  • Cinemagraphs are taking off in social media, prompting stock photo houses to rush to build their libraries while a German startup, Gallereplay, will focus exclusively on them.

Links to the source material for this episode are on Delicious.

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

Join us next week for our third episode. Joining me on the panel will be Shonali Burke, Kami Watson Huyse, and Dave Fleet.

About this week’s panel:

April 7, 2011 - Boston, MA - Radian6 Social 2011 user conference held at Renaissance Waterfront Hotel Boston. Photos by www.derekwilmot.com

Doug Haslam’s  career has spanned a variety of disciplines within the communications field: radio technology, editorial production, public relations, marketing, social media and digital. Doug began with public radio, producing news and thoughtful sports programs, moving into technology public relations, and currently to social media and content strategy for brands of all sizes and industries. Doug’s love of media has come full circle, as his most recent positions have seen him taking full advantage of his content creation skills, managing social media and brand publishing programs for a wide variety of clients.

mithcelllMitchell Levy is focused on democratizing thought leadership. According to LinkedIn, he is the first Thought Leader Architect in the world!  As of June 25, 2013, there were over 115,000 people in LinkedIn with “Social Media” in their title, only 500  with “Thought Leader” and only one “Thought Leader Architect” . Marshall Goldsmith, The Most Influential Leadership Thinker in the World (Thinkers50 Survey—Sponsored by Harvard Business Review) calls Mitchell’s 18th and latest book #CREATING THOUGHT LEADERS “the career Bible for thought leaders!”  As a Thought Leader Architect, Mitchell helps companies turn their experts into recognized thought leaders.

Lynette-Young-2014-squareLynette Young is co-founder and Director of Marketing ClaimWizard. ClaimWizard is a software-as-a-service workflow management system for the public adjuster industry. She is a marketing technology strategist and published author with focus on digital marketing and implementation services. With over 25 years in technology, 17 of those years in digital marketing, she is well positioned as a “full stack marketer” giving her a distinct advantage in today’s fast paced business and environment. Over her professional career, Lynette has worked with clients of all sizes ranging from Google, Twitter, Harlequin Publishing, and American Airlines to HVAC installers, an email marketing service provider, local appliance retailers, other agencies, corporate franchises, and public adjusting firms. Lynette heads up the ClaimWizard digital marketing products and team.

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Minding Our Routing Security MANRS At NANOG 65

Why and what kind of collective effort is needed to improve the security and resilience of the global Internet routing system? This will be the topic today at NANOG 65 in Montreal during the Security track from 11:30-1:00 EDT.   Our Andrei Robachevsky is moderating a panel is named "How can we work together to improve security and resilience of the global routing system?" and the panelists include:

Dan York

For Immediate Release #3: People who don’t want Peeple

Welcome to episode #3 of For Immediate Release. This week’s panel includes Internet Society Senior Content Strategist Dan York (Dan is also the FIR Podcast Network’s tech correspondent), Scott Monty of Scott Monty Strategies, and 4L Strategies partner Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips. More details on the panel appear at the end of this post.

On today’s show, we explored the following topics:

  • Volkswagen has brought four PR agencies on board to help deal with its self-made emissions cheating scandal. Does VW need PR or do they just need to start behaving ethically? And are PR practitioners out of line for writing posts and commentaries about the crisis?
  • Peeple is an app due for release in November that will let people rate other people the way you can rate a restaurant on Yelp. The public response can be charitably described as outraged while the developers insist it’s nothing but positive.
  • Business Wire released a report on the convergence if PR and investor relations. Is this consolidation or just a preferable business practice?
  • It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and marketers everywhere are turning to pink to promote their brands’ solidarity. Most of it is just “pinkwashing,” though. How can brands be serious about their commitment to this (and, for that matter, any) cause?
  • Google is about to take the wraps off an open-source project to compete with Facebook’s Instant Articles (not to mention similar offerings from Snapchat and Apple). What does this mean for the news ecosystem in which PR plays such an important part?
  • Shot is a Kickstarter project that aims to make it easy for people with iPhones to create Virtual Reality (VR) photos and videos. In the meantime, newsrooms everywhere are gearing up to embrace VR.
  • Millennials are willing to pay for content — just not news.
  • ScottTrade is the latest institution to have to react to a data security breach. Shouldn’t any company that keeps customer data on servers be prepared to address an unwelcome intrusion?
  • PR StackBook version 2 is out, with 30 PR professionals contributing 48 practical guides to more than 250 digital tools we can use in content marketing, PR, and SEO.
  • Tumblr now lets you hide your Tumblr blog from the web. Some say this is creating yet another walled garden that is antithetical to the underlying philosophy of the Internet.
  • Facebook has revamped Notes to make it more of a blogging tool to compete with Medium and LinkedIn.
  • Beloved comic strip Bloom County is back after nearly 25 years. It’s on the Web only, and creator Berkeley Breathed is using it to attack the one-or-two-spaces-at-the-end-of-a-sentence controversy.

Links to the source material for this episode are on Delicious.

Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

Join us next week for our third episode. Joining me on the panel will be Mitchell Levy, Lynette Young, and Doug Haslam.

About this week’s panel:

scottmontyScott Monty is an internationally recognized leader in digital communications, digital transformation, social media and marketing. As principal of Scott Monty Strategies, he counsels brands and agencies on strategy, executive communications, influencer management, the customer experience, and digital initiatives.

Scott spent six years at Ford Motor Company, as a strategic advisor on crisis communications, influencer relations, digital customer customer service, innovative product launches and more. He is a board member of the American Marketing Association and an advisor for RPM Ventures, My Dealer Service, and Crowd Companies. He writes about the changing landscape of business, technology, communications, marketing and leadership at ScottMonty.com and is the executive editor and co-host of the Sherlock Holmes website and podcast I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.

jenzJennifer Zingsheim Phillips has  worked in politics–many sides, including political party work, working for a state senator, and lobbying. She also has worked at Fleishman Hillard, one of the biggest PR firms in the  world, and she has also done a stint in retail, working in customer service at a well-known furniture and lifestyle store. Jen currently is a partner at 4L strategies, an online media analysis and monitoring firm.

Jen’s work has been published in business magazines. She also brings to the table web content creation experience, podcasting, and fiction writing.

Dan York, Host of FIR on TechnologyDan York, CISSP, is a passionate advocate for the open Internet focused on helping people understand the changes going on all around us within communication technology and practices. Dan currently serves the Internet Society as the Senior Content Strategist focused on the Deploy360 Programme – creating, curating and promoting online content that helps service providers, companies and individuals more quickly deploy Internet technologies such as IPv6 and DNSSEC. Separately, Dan is also the Chairman of the global Voice Over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA). Dan is also active within the real-time communications area of the IETF.

Since the mid-1980’s Dan has been working with online communication technologies and helping businesses and organizations understand how to use and participate in those new media. An author of multiple books on networking, security, IPv6 and Linux, Dan is a dynamic and engaging speaker who frequently presents at industry conferences and events and has been blogging and writing online for over 12 years. His most recent books are “Migrating Applications to IPv6” and “The Seven Deadliest Unified Communications Attacks”.


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5 Hours Left To Submit Comments on ICANN Design Team Review of Plan for DNS Root Zone KSK Change

ICANN.jpgDo you have any comments on the findings of the ICANN Design Team regarding the changing of the root zone key-signing key (KSK) for DNSSEC?  If so, you have about five hours left to submit your comments as the comment period ends at 23:59 UTC today, 5 October 2015. You can read the Design Team report and submit your own comments at:


The comment period has been open since August 6, 2015, and the word has been distributed through multiple online mailing lists and other forums in the time since.  To date there have only been a few comments, although I’m seeing several (including my own) coming in today:


You may recall that ICANN announced the members of this design team back in February 2015 and this was after a comprehensive public comment period back in 2013.  Here are some links that can provide some context:

As you will see in my own response, I am generally pleased with the findings of the Design Team but have a few points I wish to add.

NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS… you have about five hours left!

P.S. And if you just want to learn what DNSSEC is all about, please visit our Start Here page to learn more!

Watch DNS-OARC Live This Weekend For DNSSEC, DANE, DNS Privacy and more

DNS-OARC logoThis weekend in Montreal the OARC Fall 2015 Workshop will take place filled with all sorts of excellent talks about DNSSEC, DANE, DNS privacy, DNS performance and much, much more.  The best part is that if you can’t get there in person, you can watch the live video stream on YouTube at:


All the sessions will also be recorded for later viewing. The sessions most interesting to remote viewers start at 14:00 US EDT (UTC-4) on Saturday, October 3, 2015, and include these:

  • An Overview of DNS Privacy Mechanisms
  • Using TLS for DNS privacy in practice
  • Next Steps in DANE Adoption
  • Benchmarking of authoritative DNS servers and DNSSEC impact assessment

Sunday morning (October 4) brings a whole set of “DNS security” talks related to DDoS attacks and attacks against DNS servers.  There are performance-related talks, detailed research sessions, and a whole set of talks related to DNS resolvers, including an exploration of IPv6 vs IPv4 performance.

There were so many interesting proposals to DNS-OARC this time that some of them occupy the Monday DNS Track inside of NANOG 65.  Again there look to be some great DNSSEC topics including a session about the KSK Key Rollover. (One note: I’m not sure if the live stream on Monday will still be on the DNS-OARC YouTube channel – the NANOG agenda only says it will be “recorded”.)

All in all it looks to be a great event!  Due to a personal scheduling conflict, I won’t be there in person… but I intend to watch a few of the sessions, either live or later.

And if you want to get started NOW with deploying DNSSEC, please visit our Start Here page to learn more!


After a few years of tweeting back and forth, Khyle York and I finally got a chance to meet! Two Yorks in NH... both involved with DNS and with marketing / communications. I spoke on a panel at Dyn's #TechToberfest event in Manchester, NH