April 1, 2015 archive

RFC 7511 – Scenic Routing for IPv6

IETF LogoCarrying on a grand old April 1 tradition, the IETF today released RFC 7511, Scenic Routing for IPv6. Given the amount of attention in the industry to environmentally-friendly “Green IT”, this RFC aims to help all the poor IPv6 packets that are trapped inside of wires and cables… and instead gives those packets some fresh air!


Yes, indeed, this new RFC 7511 recommends that packets travel using the RFC 1149 method: “A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers“.  Either that or over wireless networks… some way that those poor, deprived packets can see some sunlight! :-)

I did enjoy the little dig at IPv4:

As of the widely known acceptance of the current version of the
Internet Protocol (IPv6), this document only focuses on version 6 and
ignores communication still based on Vintage IP.

Anyway… in the spirit of the day, you may enjoy RFC 7511.

We’ll be back at you tomorrow, when people may actually take things we write more seriously!

Happy April Fools Day!