April 7, 2015 archive

TDYR 237 – Getting Reacquainted With Microsoft Windows

After many years away in Mac OS X, I recently got reacquainted with Microsoft Windows 7 ... in this episode I talk about what I thought... and how it made me appreciate "less is more" even more!

Deadline of April 10 to Apply For CARIS Workshop on Coordinating Response to Internet Attacks (Featured Blog)

You have just a couple of days to either complete a survey or submit a paper to join the "Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS)" Workshop happening on June 19, 2015, in Berlin, Germany... If you are interested in helping improve the overall security and resilience of the Internet through increased communication between the groups responding to the large-scale attacks happening on the Internet every day, I would strongly encourage you to apply! More...

46 Years of RFCs (Celebrating The Anniversary of RFC 1)

By way of a tweet from @IETF this morning, it was fun to note that it was 46 years ago today, on April 7, 1969, when the very first "Request for Comments" or "RFC" was issued by Steve Crocker.  RFC 1 defined the "IMP software" used in the communication between hosts on the ARPAnet and makes for interesting reading today.  Steve was in those days a graduate student at UCLA and 46 years later now serves as the Chairman of the Board of ICANN.  Back in 1999, Steve offered some reflections in RFC 2555 on 30 years (at that time) of RFCs that included this bit about how it began:

Dan York