April 29, 2014 archive

New DNSSEC Deployment Maps for April 28, 2014, Now Available

DNSSEC Deployment Map for April 28, 2014I’ve made a couple of updates recently to our DNSSEC Deployment Maps section of the site.

First, I updated the page to display the most recent deployment maps from yesterday, April 28, 2014.  The big change from previous maps is that Australia now appears in blue as the folks there have signed the .AU top-level domain on their production servers, but the DS is not yet in the root of DNS (that is scheduled for August 2014 right now).

Second, I changed the settings on the archive of the ‘dnssec-maps’ mailing list to be publicly accessible.  This means that anyone can simply go to the archive to obtain the most recent set of DNSSEC deployment maps and also the comma-separated value (CSV) files that track all the domains, including generic TLDs and the “newgTLDs”.   The deployment maps are generated automatically every Monday morning so with the list archive publicly available you can always get to the most recent version of the maps.

Ultimately I’d like to figure out how to have the maps automatically update on a page on our site by way of some type of WordPress plugin or other mechanism, but for the moment I’m still manually updating the images on the DNSSEC deployment maps page whenever there have been major changes or after a longer period of time has passed.

If you’d like to receive these maps automatically every Monday, you can simply subscribe to the ‘dnssec-maps’ mailing list and you’ll receive an email with the maps and CSV files each week.    If you have ideas for enhancements, we’re also tracking those over on Github – feel free to raise “issues” with any ideas or feedback you have.