April 3, 2014 archive

Vint Cerf: I want all of you to ask your ISPs what their plan is for IPv6

We need to stop running the experimental version of the Internet and move to the production version of the Internet running IPv6!  That was among many points made yesterday in a great Google+ Hangout with TWIT TV host Leo Laporte by Google Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf.  He also made a great request to everyone watching to ask their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) about when the ISPs would have IPv6 available.  He said (and we hear this, too!) that ISPs are complaining that “no one is asking for IPv6″ – and so he asked all the viewers to start asking their ISPs!  The fun part was that you could see tweets happening almost right away from people asking that exact question of their ISPs!

Vint talked about the origins of IPv4 addressing – and said that we’ve all been running “the experimental version” of the Internet ever since… and that we need to move to “the production version” of the Internet running IPv6: “Get your v6 in place so that you can run the 21st century version of the Internet!

He also talked about how bad Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) is, the rise of the “Internet of Things” and the importance of security…. along with some fun stories about the early days of ARPANET, Slovenia and more.  It’s all well worth a listen!

And if you’d like to get started with IPv6, check out our IPv6 resources and let us know how we can help you!