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US DoD DREN Provides Excellent IPv6 Knowledge Base

DOD High Performance Computing Modernization ProgramIf you are looking to learn more about IPv6 or looking for lists of products and training resources related to IPv6, the folks over at the United States Department of Defense (DOD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program maintain a comprehensive site devoted to sharing information about IPv6 based on the work of the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN).

Long names and acronyms aside, some of the many excellent resources to be found within the site include:

The site includes a great amount of information of value not only to US government agencies and employees, but also to anyone working with IPv6.  Kudos to the team at DREN for maintaining the site and we’re pleased to add it to the list of resources we’re promoting here on Deploy360.

Attending O’Reilly’s TOCCON Next Week? Deploy360 Will Be There…

Logo for O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing ConferenceWill you be attending O’Reilly’s “Tools of Change for Publishing 2012” conference (a.k.a. “TOCCON”) in New York from February 13-15, 2012? If so, I (Dan York) will be there and would be delighted to connect with readers of this site. (Just drop me an email or ping me on Twitter.) Given the incredible changes happening within the world of publishing – both online and traditional – I’ll be down at TOCCON  looking at how we can best seize the opportunities presented by these changes to make our Deploy360 content available in even more formats and channels.  Additionally, a number of sessions are about the underlying technology we’re using (WordPress) or have relevance to the kind of platform we’re building – so I’ll be looking forward to picking up any tips and tricks that will help our site work even smoother and better.

If you aren’t familiar with TOCCON, it’s an annual event sponsored by O’Reilly, the well-known technical publisher, that brings together many of the people at the bleeding edge of the disruption happening within the world of content creation.  Here’s the quick intro from their site:

The acceleration of change and innovation in the publishing industry today is dizzying, and the pace can be overwhelming. But this change/forward/fast environment is also ripe with opportunity for those who embrace it and learn to adapt and innovate quickly.

O’Reilly’s TOC Conference is where the publishing and tech industries converge, as practitioners and executives from both camps share what they’ve learned from their successes and failures, explore ideas, and join together to navigate publishing’s ongoing transformation. TOC 2012 delivers a deft mix of the practical and the visionary to give attendees the tools and guidance they need to succeed—and the inspiration to lead change.

On a personal note, attending TOCCON will be a bit unusual for me. It’s the first time I can recall in many years when I am attending an event and not speaking, staffing a booth or reporting on the event (or, more typically, doing all three).   I’m just there to learn about the tools and technologies and to meet people involved… it will be a interesting change!  :-)

Only 4 months to World IPv6 Launch – are you getting ready?

World IPv6 Launch (more info here) is only four months away on June 6, 2012 -

are you getting ready?

If you haven’t started yet, now is a good time to get going!  Here are some resources we have to help you get started:

We are also always publishing new blog posts related to IPv6 covering a wide range of topics.

More than that, please let us know how we can help you get started with IPv6!

DNSSEC Train-The-Trainer From NLnet Labs Feb 9-10 and Feb 16-17

NL Net LabsInterested in teaching DNSSEC or developing your own DNSSEC training courses or courseware? We recently learned that Olaf Kolkman of NLNet Labs will be teaching a “DNSSEC train-the-trainer” class two separate times this month. His first class is this week on Thursday and Friday, February 9th and 10th. His second is next week on February 16th and 17th. The material covered will include:

BLOCK 1 Classic DNS
BLOCK 2: Unbound in practice
BLOCK 3: DNS Security DNSSEC Theory fundamentals
BLOCK 4: DNS Keys: risks and management
BLOCK 5: Introducing DNSSEC in a workflow
BLOCK 6: Software and tools availability and development
PRACTICE 1: Setting up a validating recursive nameserver
PRACTICE 2: Setting up an Authorititive Nameserver
PRACTICE 3: Secure Delegation
PRACTICE 4: KEY Rollover

The class is being taught at the Fastlane training center in De Meern, The Netherlands, and the information we have is that there are still a few remaining openings in each class. Contact information and a full course outline can be found on the NGN.nl page about the DNSSEC training (in Dutch).