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Friday Humor(?): The Register – “How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love IPv6″

IPv6 as a topic for fiction? Seriously?  As we continue our ongoing efforts to scour the Internet for the best IPv6 and DNSSEC resources to bring to you, every now and then we run across an article that just causes us to go… well… “hmmmmmmm”.  Such is the case with this piece at The Register named “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love IPv6” with the subtitle “You make my heart go Ping“.

The short story begins:

Somewhere in the near future…

There were more than 50 people in the room, so it was hot and airless, and it smelled of stale sweat. Government-sponsored crisis posters, tatty and torn, were sticky-taped to the yellowish walls. One urged its readers: ‘Don’t let your selfishness come between little Johnny and his Wikipedia’, another enquired: ‘Do you NATter with your Neighbours? Don’t squander the nation’s resource!’

… and goes on from there…

I will admit that I did smile a good bit and a number of the various references… kudos to whomever is the writer behind this piece as it is certainly an, um, “creative” way to think about a future where IPv4 is exhausted. :-)

P.S. Seen any other stories/fiction like this on the theme of IPv6? If so, please send them our way and perhaps we’ll feature them in another Friday post…

Friday IPv6 Meme Image: Y U No Use IPv6?

As we mentioned last week, we thought we’d end our work week with a bit of humor, and thus… IPv6 meme #2… enjoy!

And as we said before, PLEASE SEND US YOUR MEMES!

Please Send Us Your IPv6 Memes! (Or Deal With OUR Sense Of Humor…)

IPv6 On All The ThingsAs we mentioned on Friday, we’d like to have a little bit of fun with IPv6 in the midst of all the serious stuff we’re posting… so we figure that on the two remaining Friday afternoons before World IPv6 Launch we’d like to post some of the various memes floating around the Internet, tailored to IPv6, of course!

But to make this more interesting, we’re asking you all…


Otherwise, we’re going to come up with them on our own… and we’re pretty much going to guarantee that some of you will be way more creative than we are!

Please just send them to us at:

And as to creating them, a  search on “meme generator” will show you a whole range of sites that let you do this with various characters.

We ask only this – please include “” in the text somehow. Well, and we’d prefer no profanity as we are trying to keep this site “safe for work”.

We’ve already got a couple of ideas in for this Friday but we’d like to have a few more.   We’ll post the best ones and circulate them through our social networks.

Thanks… and we’re looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Friday Video: IPv6 and NAT Fanboys

Continuing our series of humorous Friday posts, how could we not post this animated video on the theme of “NATs are good!”?   :-)


Can IPv6 Addresses Be “Fun”?

So what is the most “fun” IPv6 address you’ve seen?

Fun? IPv6 address?

Well, yes… now that you have the letters “a – f” in addition to the numbers, you can add a bit of creativity to your addresses.  As was recently pointed out on Twitter, the folks at Facebook had some fun with the IPv6 address for “” being:


Obviously a “k” would have been better, but “face:b00c” is rather cool!  There are also any number of other possibilities. Consider some of these:


Obviously you don’t have to limit yourself to just two blocks of the IPv6 address. For instance, here’s the perfect IPv6 address for a cattle rancher’s server:


Have you seen any creative IPv6 addresses out there in the wild?  What is the most creative use of “a-f” plus the numbers that you can come up with?  Have you seen anyone else add some branding into their IPv6 addresses?

Just think of the possibilities!

P.S. If you’re looking to get started with IPv6, have you checked out our IPv6 resources?

Friday Video: Close Encounters with IPv6

Continuing our trend of providing something humorous about IPv6 or DNSSEC on Friday afternoons, here’s a view on why the Close Encounters aliens might have left our planet before really saying hello:

I’m guessing the folks at BlueCat Networks had a wee bit of fun with that one… :-)

P.S. Seen any funny videos out there related to IPv6 or DNSSEC that we haven’t yet featured? If so, please do let us know! Still looking for that video about IPv6 and kittens… ;-)

Humor: What Standards Experts Do

What exactly is it that “standards experts” do? If you’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or pretty much any other social network lately, you’ve seen this meme going around, and so we did have to laugh when a gent named Greg Schumacher posted this image to Facebook:

StandardsExpert GregSchumacher

Sadly, this image is far too true!

Friday Comic: XKCD on IPv6 and Nanobot Swarms…

Yes, this XKCD comic came out in February of last year, but I still find it amusing (click on the image to see a larger version):

For those not following IPv6, the joke here is that the nanobot swarm (ex. grey goo) wound up having to stop their proliferation – and destruction of earth – because they ran out of IPv6 addresses!  This was, of course, mathematically debated in an XKCD forum along with other discussion.

Thankfully, since we haven’t yet made the full migration to IPv6, we’re nowhere near needing to worry about their exhaustion!

P.S. Speaking of IPv6, are you ready for World IPv6 Launch on June 6?

Awesome Comic -> The Bright Side to the Blackberry Outage

A truly awesome way to start my Monday... courtesy of RWW, this great cartoon from Rob Cottingham showing the "bright side" of the Blackberry outage:


Of course, we iPhone owners could have a similar discovery... although whether or not our phone connection would actually work is a different question... (but did any of us truly get an iPhone for the phone piece? ;-)

Great comic, Rob!

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