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For Immediate Release #69: Shut Up Already, Mariah Carey

Three IABC Fellows — Priya Bates, John Deveney, and Mark Schumann — joined Shel Holtz for this week’s FIR to talk about these topics:

  • More on how companies can prepare for the prospect of a tweeted attack by the President of the United States
  • Companies bucking the vitriol trend by creating TV commercials that spotlight inclusion of Muslims
  • With Facebook Live gaining steam, some companies are expecting employees to know how to host a live video
  • Mariah Carey’s handling of her lib-synching debacle on New Year’s Eve isn’t exactly a crisis communication case study (unless you want to stay in the story cycle)
  • IBM’s Watson is replacing white-collar workers at a Japanese insurance company. The communication implications are coming for pretty much every company
  • Is the PR/communication industry ready for voice to be the next big digital platform?
  • Tech correspondent Dan York follows up on his participation as a panelist in last week’s show, including the unmasking of a Go champion as a Google AI program; he also reports on database security and Russia’s demand for Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn app from their app stores

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @priyabates, @johndeveney, and @dmarkschumann.

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About today’s panel:

All of this week’s panelists are IABC Fellows who participate regularly in the Circle of Fellows broadcast/podcast here on the FIR Podcast Network.

Priya Bates is a senior communication executive who provides strategic internal communication counsel in order to ensure leaders, managers, and employees understand the strategy, believe in the vision, act in accordance to the values, and contribute to business results. She is president of Inner Strength Communications in Toronto, and previously served as senior director of Internal Communications at Loblaw Companies Limited.

In 1996, while on the fast track to a partnership in a growing PR agency, John Deveney opted to strike out on his own and form Deveney, a process and a practice that embraces the soundest principles, the newest media, and the most innovative technologies. Based in New Orleans, Deveney is particularly strong in the areas of crisis, healthcare, tourism, and hospitality. (After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, John led the only on-site communication operation and media center for both the City of New Orleans and the Louisiana Office of Tourism.)

Mark Schumann is the director of graduate business communication programs for the Zzicklin School of Business at Baruch College, City University of New York. He is also founder and principal of re-communicate. Most recently, he was VP of marketing and communications for Western Connecticut Health Network. He served as IABC’s chair in 2009-2010 and is currently IABC’s liaison to the Global Alliance. He was a managing principal and global communication practice leader at Towers Perrin for 26 years.

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For Immediate Release #68: Did any of us actually say any of this?

Artificial Intelligence is on the panel’s mind — among other things — as C.C. Chapman, Neville Hobson, and Dan York join Shel Holtz for the first episode of 2017 and the beginning of our 13th consecutive year of podcasting. Here’s the rundown:

  • The incoming press secretary for President-Elect Donald Trump has warned us not to expect business as usual when it comes to the administration’s relationship with the media. What does that bode for the press’s ability to hold the administration accountable — and will the philosophy extend beyond the White House to business?
  • Some businesses have begun preparing for unexpected criticism from President Trump while others have already had to respond. Crisis experts are advising companies to add presidential jabs to the list of potential crises for which they must prepare.
  • Five industries are under threat from technology, according to the Financial Times: travel agents, small component manufacturers and distributors, auto insurers, financial advisers, and auto repair garages. How can they prepare (or can they)?
  • Artificial Intelligence will soon make it possible to create fake video with little effort. Think fake news is a problem now? Just wait.
  • Edelman Digital is out with its 2017 trends report. Among the issues the report raises, the panel was particularly interested in bots and conversational experiences, blockchain, and over-the-top entertainment.
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked users what they wanted to see Twitter improve or create in 2017. He got answers (including one from longtime social tech leader Anil Dash). In the meantime, does Twitter know yet what it wants to be when it grows up (and will its recently announced live 360 video make a difference)?
  • Apple has published is first Artificial Intelligence paper.

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @cc_chapman, @jangles, and @danyork.

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About today’s panel:

C.C. Chapman is a bestselling author and agile, performance-based marketer with over 15 years of experience in marketing and emerging technologies. C.C. is the author Content Rules (co-authored with Ann Handley) and Amazing Things Will Happen. C.C. has specialized skills in conference speaking, creative development, social media marketing, online direct response, working with large brands in helping them understand how to apply emerging technologies and social learnings to their marketing plans.

Neville HobsonNeville Hobson co-hosted this show for 10 years and 8 months, from its inception through October 2015. Neville is based in Bracknell, outside of London in England where he works as a senior business consultant for IBM Social Consulting. Neville has spent much of his career analyzing trends, behaviors and practices in digital communication. As an independent consultant before joining IBM, he focused on social business, the collaborative economy, wearable technologies, and the professionalism of PR. He also held a position with WCG as head of social media for Europe, and was VP of Corporate Communication for Scala Business Solutions in Amsterdam.

Dan York, Host of FIR on TechnologyDan York, FIR’s tech correspondent and host of the occasional “FIR On Technology” podcast, is a passionate advocate for the open Internet, focused on helping people understand the changes going on all around us within communication technology and practices. Dan currently serves the Internet Society as the Senior Content Strategist, creating, curating and promoting online content that helps service providers, companies and individuals more quickly deploy Internet technologies such as IPv6 and DNSSEC. Separately, Dan is also the Chairman of the global Voice Over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA). Dan is also active within the real-time communications area of the IETF. His most recent books are “Migrating Applications to IPv6” and “The Seven Deadliest Unified Communications Attacks”. Previously Dan worked for Voxeo Corporation heading up the company’s communication through both traditional and new/social media.


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For Immediate Release #67: Let’s launch a startup!

Not much news of interest to communicators is reported over the holidays, so Ayelet Baron, Eden Spodek, and Brad Whitworth joined host Shel Holtz for a higher-level conversation on these topics:

  • Science kits from GE integrate with the Amazon Echo. How far can this kind of integration of cloud-based AI voice tech and real-world products go?
  • Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook is a media company, albeit a new kind of media company. What might this mean for fake news (in the wake of a nuclear threat in response to a fake news story)?
  • Is creating a startup a realistic goal for your very first job?
  • How can companies attract young workers who are more inclined to try the startup path? (Is a 10-second Snap Spectacles video enough?)
  • Dan York reports on Facebook Live Audio.
  • Only about half of employees embrace their companies’ strategic narrative. Communicators have their work cut out for them.
  • A new report says companies in crisis should apologize quickly, but corporate cultures have to change before CEOs will take that step.
  • And speaking of corporate cultures, can they change enough to allow for whistleblowers and prevent suicide from overwork?

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @ayeletb, @edenspodek, and @bradwhitworth.

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FIR is recorded using Zencastr.

About today’s panel:

Ayelet Baron is the author of  “Our Journey To Corporate Sanity: Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century,” published just last month. She is co-creator of CreatingIs LLC. Ayelet is passionate about ushering a new path for business as a force of good by helping 21st century leaders imagine what’s possible. She has been building community her entire life and believes trust, relationships and community are the new currencies for today’s human-to-human purpose and experience driven era. Author of Our Journey to Business Common Sense. She spent 15 years at Cisco Systems, most recently as Vice President  of Strategy, Innovation and Transformation for Cisco Systems Canada. Ayelet recently was honored with Watermark’s Women Who Make the Mark Award. She was an innovator in residence at Roche, working on the product development innovation leadership team designing and implementing a connected network strategy.

Eden Spodek, founder & CEO, Eden Spodek Inc. is an award-winning digital communications and social media marketing strategist with more than 25 years of experience on the client and agency side in several verticals. In 2010, she launched her own digital consultancy practice and is a blogger, podcaster and community leader. In 2015, she worked tirelessly on a successful Kickstarter campaign and has been invited to advise on others. Eden co-developed the Digital Strategy and Communications Management certificate program at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. This week, Eden is hosting a free webinar, the A to Z Blueprint for Planning, Building and Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign. She’s an active participant in the digital community and was lead co-organizer of PodCamp Toronto for five years. A sought-after speaker, Eden is frequently invited to join panel discussions and speak at a variety of workshops and conferences. Eden is the co-host of the technology podcast, Ada’s Sisters.

Brad Whitworth, a communication coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, was most recently senior communication manager at Cisco Systems. Brad joined Cisco in 2007 and today leads integrated communication for the part of the company that builds partner ecosystems for new markets. Before Cisco, Brad led communication programs at HP, PeopleSoft and AAA. He earned undergraduate degrees in both journalism and speech at the University of Missouri and an MBA at Santa Clara University. A former broadcaster, Brad has made more than 300 presentations to executives, communicators, and university classes around the world. Brad has a long history with IABC, including serving as chairman of the international board and president of two local chapters. He is one of the authors of The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication.

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For Immediate Release #66: Detached from the real world

Kami Huyse, Marshall Kirkpatrick, and Laura Pevehouse join host Shel Holtz to talk about these topics:

  • An update on the latest news about fake news, including the steps Facebook is taking to call it out, Germany’s new law that could cost Facebook 500,000 euros for each fake news item it publishes, how big brands are inadvertently funding fake news, how fake news is inspiring people to turn their attention back to mainstream media, and why owned media (especially corporate blogs) are more important than ever
  • A new app that lets employees engage anonymously with other workers in their company led 200-plus Amazon employees to critique their employer’s handling of a colleague’s attempted suicide
  • A look at how blockchain could play a part in marketing and advertising
  • A streaming video update, including Facebook’s introduction of live-streamed 360-degree videos, Instagram’s rollout of Instagram Live, Twitter’s introduction of live-streaming from directly within the twitter app, Twitch’s introduction of live streaming, and the first-ever live-streamed surgery using Snapchat’s Spectacles
  • Facbook’s disclosure of measurement errors (and what it means for communicators)
  • Whether Mixed, Augmented or Virtual reality headsets will ever become a common consumer appliance (and if not, what will?)
  • What to expect from influencer marketing in 2017
  • Dan York reports on Evernote’s kerfuffle with its revised privacy policy and adds his $.02 on streaming video

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @KamiChat, @MarshallK, and @LPVhouse.

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About today’s panel:

kamiKami Huyse founded Zoetica Media. She writes an award-winning blog, Zoetica Talks, on the topic of public relations and social media strategy. Kami is a national leader in the use of social media for public relations. She speaks at social media events and conferences all over the country and her work in social media has earned her the SNCR’s 2008 Reputation Management award and IABC’s 2009 Gold Quill of Excellence Award. Kami was a 2010 fellow of the Society for New Communications Research where she pursued a study on how cause marketing in social communities can benefit companies. She is also the co-founder and organizer of the Social Media Breakfast Houston.

marshallkAfter a successful career blazing trails in new media as one of the top tech bloggers in the world (first hired writer at TechCrunch, co-editor of ReadWriteWeb), Marshall Kirkpatrick led the Little Bird team building software for enterprise marketers to do research, real-time market intelligence and marketing amplification. The tool for influencer marketing, content marketing, and research was acquired recently by Sprinklr, the full-service social media management system, where Marshall now serves as director of R&D.

lptLaura Pevehouse is Chief Blogger for Direct2Dell. Laura brings 16 years of experience in corporate communications and digital marketing roles to her work,  including jobs in public relations, employee communications, branding, community engagement, event management, online commerce, social media and virtual world development. In her role as Dell’s Chief Blogger, Laura is responsible for the development, coordination and execution of strategy and content for Dell’s corporate blog, Direct2Dell. Since taking the Direct2Dell reins, Laura has recorded an 80% increase in time on page at the end of the first year in this role. She also leads the company’s cross-business unit editorial team and engages with marketing, product line, operations and corporate communications colleagues worldwide to enhance the company’s brand.


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For Immediate Release #65: The Inhuman Experience

Maris Callahan, Justin Goldsborough, and Tim Hayden join host Shel Holtz to talk about these topics:

  • An update on the latest news about fake news, including a boycott of the new Star Wars movie, companies waking up to the threat, and data showing most Americans believe fake news headlines when they see them.
  • PR is still saddled with a reputation as spin doctors, liars, and sharks circling startups in order to take a chunk of their flesh.
  • As automated systems replace real people, what happens to the human-fueled customer experience?
  • Do marketers need to move beyond branded content if they’re going to contribute to the company’s revenue stream?
  • Corporate values used to be fairly mundane but today they can provoke partisan anger and blowback. “Pretty much every charitable donation, advertising dollar, and policy position has become a political statement with the potential to anger a sub-section of the company’s employee and customer base,” writes Paul Holmes.
  • Advertiser excitement over Snapchat Live Stories is waning while Instagram Stories are producing massive swipe-throughs.
  • One company has introduced a bot as an influencer while another is looking to a team of influencers with less klout than the big go-to celebrities. Is the shape of influencer marketing changing?
  • In his Tech Report, Dan York looks at WordPress 4.7 and JetPack 4.4, as well as Telegram’s new “Telegraph” lightweight blogging service.

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @MarisCallahan, @JGoldsborough, and @TheTimHayden.

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About today’s panel:

maris_callahanMaris Callahan is director of Public Relations at Donuts Inc., the world’s largest registry of new gTLD’s (or as the folks at Donuts call them, “not-com” domain name endings). With over 10 years of experience in public relations on the agency side and as an independent consultant, Maris is responsible for the planning and execution of Donuts’ B2C and B2B public relations strategy. Before Donuts, she was an independent consultant to small and mid-size businesses seeking brand awareness. She also worked for some of the top PR agencies in the world, including Edelman, Burson-Marsteller and Lippe Taylor. Maris is also the creator and writer of In Good Taste, a food and lifestyle blog founded in 2008.

goldsborough_headshotJustin Goldsborough
 is a senior vice president and social media lead at FleishmanHillard Kansas City and is a member of the agency’s Social Innovation Leadership Team. During his 7.5 years at FH, he’s led communications strategy for clients such as Sleep Number, Hallmark Cards and Children’s Mercy Hospital. Before coming to FH, Justin was at Sprint for two years where he managed the company’s employee social network, Sprint Space, and led efforts to improve customer outreach via social media, specifically Twitter. Justin also spent some time in the food biz when he managed employee communications, including the company Intranet and initial social media efforts, for Applebee’s International. Justin is a past president of Kansas City IABC, where he led his local chapter to the highest honor IABC bestows – International Chapter of the Year. Justin is also a diehard Kansas City Royals fan and is much more eager to talk baseball these days than he was from 1986-2013.

tim_haydenTim Hayden has two decades of experience in leading high-growth technology firms and marketing agencies. Before Brain+Trust, he was head of marketing at Zignal Labs, a real-time media intelligence platform, and produced marketing technology and process improvement programs for clients of TTH Strategy, a consultancy Tim founded. He is also former head of the Mobile program at Edelman Digital in North America, and been founder of agencies and technology ventures (NION Interactive, GamePlan, Captix) serving as a catalyst for innovative change in some of the world’s leading brands (CafePress, Dell, Bacardi, AMD,ExxonMobil, Hilton Worldwide, Kraft Foods, Edison Research and others). Tim serves on the advisory boards of Zignal Labs, Rivet Works, Wonder Technologies and Captix, and is co-author of The Mobile Commerce Revolution (QUE Biz Tech, October 2014).

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For Immeediate Release #64: That’s Not Our Shark!

Chris Abraham, Cindy Crescenzo, and Steve Farnsworth join host Shel Holtz to talk about these topics:

  • Breitbart News called for a boycott of Kellogg’s after the cereal company pulled its ads, then started publishing articles critical of the company after calling the decision to withdraw advertising “censorship.” Is this the new reality for companies making what used to be simple business decisions?
  • Employee engagement surveys aren’t worth much anymore according to one expert, since people are more concerned about survey scores than addressing engagement issues. Is it time to stop measuring engagement?
  • Virtual Reality headset sales aren’t setting any records. Can public relations help make it go mainstream?
  • With the Amazon Echo and Google Home, along with Siri and Google Now, it’s fast becoming a voice-driven world. Brands and agencies will have to adapt.
  • A lot has happened on the fake news front since we first reported on it, including a shooting in Washington, D.C. by a North Carolina man “self-investigating” a fake news story. We’ll bring you up to date.
  • Brands have jumped on the emoji bandwagon, but audiences think they’re trying too hard.
  • Figuring out what people are talking about using Google Trends is a better way to do real-time marketing.
  • Dan York reports on the Internet Governance Forum this week in Mexico, a panel last week on Internet fragmentation (which communicators don’t want), and WordPress’s move toward promoting more SSL/TLS.

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @ChrisAbraham, @CreativeComms, and @Stevology.

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About today’s panel:

abrahamChris Abraham, digital strategist and technologist, is a leading expert in digital: search engine optimization (SEO), online relationship management (ORM), Internet privacy, and online public relations with a focus on blogger outreach, blogger engagement, and Internet crisis response. He operates his consultancy at Gerris Corp. A pioneer in online social networks and publishing, with a natural facility for anticipating the next big thing, Chris is an Internet analyst, web strategy consultant and adviser to the industries’ leading firms. He specializes in Web 2.0 technologies, including content syndication, online collaboration, blogging, and consumer generated media.

cindycCindy Crescenzo brings more than 15 years of research, measurement and planning expertise to the corporate communications world. Her passion for numbers and audience research have helped thousands of communicators all over the world transform the way they communicate, by teaching them the power of surveys, metrics, focus groups and executive interviews.  She and her husband and business partner, Steve Crescenzo, founded Crescenzo Communications more than 20 years ago and together they have energized the communication industry with their proven tactics and strategies to combine research and strategy with creativity and best-practice communications.

farnsworthSteve Farnsworth has over 15 years as a senior digital marketing executive, and is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for the @Steveology Group, a content marketing for demand generation agency serving high tech B2B organizations. He works with mid-sized and large companies, and funded start-ups to develop and implement multimedia content marketing programs that increase inbound leads and grows brand reputation. Steve is a Forbes top 50 social media influencer. He is a digital marketing educator and has moderated panels, spoken at, or managed industry events at Google, Intel, PayPal, Yahoo!, Cisco, Adobe, Electronic Arts, HP, SAP, Wells Fargo, TEDx, Applied Materials, Symantec, NetApp, and Stanford on brand, social, digital, and content marketing.

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For Immediate Release #63: A Discounted Christmas Lobster

Jim Hawker, co-founder and owner of Threepipe, a London-based PR and digital marketing agency, and experience architect Andrea Vascellari weighed in on the following topics:

  • The reputations of the S&P 500 are worth nearly 44 trillion of shareholder value, more than $1 out of every $5
  • Speaking of reputation, Sony has filed a patent for a process to assess the reputation of journalists and their articles
  • British grocery upstart Lidl has gotten a lot of positive buzz for its “Social Price Drop” campaign
  • In a recent post, Brian Solis urged companies to go mobile-first
  • How should communicators react to the disruption social platforms are causing established media?
  • Dan York reports on data breaches, the imminent release of WordPress 4.7, the upcoming WordPress USA event, and an episode of the podcast 99% Invisible dealing with acoustics
  • Facebook blocked Admiral Insurance from accessing Facebook user data to make decisions about how much to charge for premiums
  • Diageo created an immersive VR video to experience a drunk-driving car crash from the first-person perspective
  • Brands and agencies are jumping on the Snapchat Spectacles bandwagon; is there something to it or are they just chasing the newest shiny object?

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @JimJimHawker and @vascellari.

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About today’s panel:

jimhawkerJim Hawker is Co-Founder and Business Development Director of Threepipe, a PR and digital marketing agency of 70 people based in London. The agency runs campaigns across PR, SEO and paid media for clients across business, consumer, sports and entertainment sectors. Jim has 20 years’ experience working both in house and agency side in both the UK and US. In his spare time he is a big sports fan as well as an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes (hence the connection to the Threepipe name).

Andrea Vascellari, host of FIR on StrategyAndrea Vascellari is an Experience Architect. He works at the intersection of digital transformation and experience design to help organizations develop their communications strategies. Andrea is an award-winning communications professional with over 15 years of professional experience and a deep understanding of marketing and communications, including public and media relations. He worked as Director of Digital and Content at WPP, world leader in advertising and marketing services, as Digital Planner at the leading global communications marketing firm Edelman, and as CEO of Itive an international digital strategy agency he founded with offices in Finland and New York.

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For Immediate Release #62: A Real Episode About Fake News

First-time panelist Liz Scherer joined Howard Greenstein and David Spark for a deep dive into fake news.

  • “Post-truth” was the Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year. (One of the finalists was “alt-right.”)
  • Fake news is more viral than real news.
  • Jeff Jarvis has recommended some ways to address fake news.
  • Fake news is coming for companies; in fact, PepsiCo and its CEO, Indra Nooyi, are experiencing it right now.
  • Does the rise of fake news and the balkanization of news mean the end of mass persuasion for PR?
  • What is Facebook’s role and responsibility in addressing fake news that spreads on its site?
  • Mark Zuckerburg says he wants to banish fake news from Facebook, but it’s hard
  • Did a fear of conservative backlash stymie Facebook’s efforts to curtain fake news during the election?
  • A group of renegade Facebook employees has met in secret to come up with solutions to present to management.
  • Dan York reports on the recent meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force, Facebook Live’s apparent roll-out of its two-person streaming capability to non-verified users, and Twitter’s adoption of QR codes.
  • In the wake of the election, what’s the future of data and polling?
  • Two “State of Social Media Reports” have been released: one from Pew Research, the other from Buffer.

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @howardgr, @lizscherer, and @dspark.

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About today’s panel:

howardHoward Greenstein is a marketing technology strategist, working with companies to form strategies for online communities, social networking, blogs, and other media. He helped found the Social Media Club, which he served as CEO and executive director. Currently, Howard is chief operating officer at DomainSkate, which helps companies protect themselves from brand fraud and cybercrimes. And he is an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University.

Liz SchererLiz Scherer is a digital communications strategist specializing in health & wellness, nonprofits, regulated industry and agriculture. A pioneer in the social web healthcare movement, Liz has been involved in moving the envelope in terms of health and gender equity and is a former social media advisory board member for Health Justice CT. She is especially interested in how novel & emerging players are ultimately impacting agility marketing and in the disruption of content/communication-driven customer experiences. In addition to her extensive experience as a strategist, Liz has worked as a journalist, medical writer, copywriter and blogger and maintains active memberships in the National Association of Science Writers, the Association of Health Care Journalists and Journalism and Women’s Symposium. Currently, she is a curator of Emerging Infectious Diseases for’s Clinical Essentials, and recently took a role to direct strategic communications for a mHealth publisher. Liz sits on the Advisory Board for the Center for Health, Media & Policy, Hunter College, NYC. In her spare time, she mentors health start-ups at GA/1776 DC and Village Capital, and is active in the D.C. Tech Community.

sparkDavid Spark is a veteran tech journalist and founder the brand journalism firm Spark Media Solutions. Spark has worked with brands such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, and Indycar Racing. He’s reported on the tech scene for more than 18 years in more than 40 media outlets, and is the author of “THREE FEET FROM SEVEN FIGURES: One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows” available at

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For Immediate Release #61: The Election Episode

There’s a lot that communicators and marketers can take away from the 2016 U.S. presidential election — about data and data analytics, about traditional campaigning vs. bottom-up campaigns, about planning for one outcome and having to deal with another. This week’s FIR panel — Christine Perkett, Augie Ray, and Lynette Young — unpack it all, along with some (gasp!) non-election topics. Here’s the rundown:

Election stories

  • The pollsters, along with the data analysts who used poll data to make projections, got the outcome wrong. Are you making the same mistakes in your data analysis? What can you do about it?
  • Did fact-checking even matter to voters?
  • And what about the media, which played a huge role but wielded little influence? Does that mean anything for your media relations efforts?
  • Some company leaders reacted to Donald Trump’s unexpected victory by making statements about their own preferences, which didn’t work out too well for them regardless of which side they took.
  • Other companies put their corporate social responsibility on display on election day without taking partisan positions.
  • Public affairs professionals were planning for a Clinton administration. Now they’re scrambling to figure out what a Trump presidency means to them.

Other reports

  • Representatives from independent PR firms said they hire for attitude and culture more than skills and knowledge while being ruthless about demanding older staff “upskill.” Is this ageism at work?
  • Dan York’s tech report covers another massive data breach and the annual “Freedom on the Net” report from Freedom House (which isn’t pretty).
  • Are communicators measuring the right things? Is ROI a reasonable measure for most PR efforts?
  • Most executives don’t trust the data and analytics they get from their own customer insights, relying more on their gut instincts. What does this mean for PR as the industry because more data-driven?
  • 30% of CEOs are considering firing their CMOs for not developing the competencies required for digital business transformation.
  • The Economist has given up on Pinterest and Tumblr and scaled back on Twitter, concentrating its resources on LinkedIn.

Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @MissusP, @AugieRay, and @LynetteRadio.

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Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

About today’s panel:

perkettChristine Perkett founded PerkettPR in 1998 and SeeDepth, a PR analytics platform, in 2013. She has been named one of the ‘Top 25 Authorities Moving PR Forward’ in a recent industry study, and is routinely recognized as one of the most social media-savvy CEOs – currently ranked as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter (by Hubspot), a “Top Influential Woman in Tech on Twitter” (by Google’s Don Dodge, alongside such greats as Marissa Mayer, WSJ’s Kara Swisher, Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington, and others), and featured two consecutive years in BusinessWeek’s Social Media Special Report (keeping company of notable CEOs from Zappos, Virgin, Digg, HDNet, Mint and more). Christine was also awarded “Best Communications, IR or PR Executive” by the American Business Awards.

Augie_Ray-headshot-2013Augie Ray is a Research Director covering customer experience for marketing leaders at Gartner. He has had a diverse career, including leading a digital experiential agency, directing social business at USAA and managing a global customer experience team at American Express. In his present role, Augie researches and advises clients on topics such as Voice of Customer, customer journey mapping, customer experience strategy and virtual reality.

Lynette-Young-2014-squareLynette Young is co-founder and Director of Marketing ClaimWizard, a software-as-a-service workflow management system for the public adjuster industry. She is a marketing technology strategist and published author with focus on digital marketing and implementation services. With over 25 years in technology, 17 of those years in digital marketing, she is well positioned as a “full-stack marketer” giving her a distinct advantage in today’s fast-paced business and environment. Over her professional career, Lynette has worked with clients of all sizes ranging from Google, Twitter, Harlequin Publishing, and American Airlines to HVAC installers, an email marketing service provider, local appliance retailers, other agencies, corporate franchises, and public adjusting firms. Lynette heads up the ClaimWizard digital marketing products and team. She maintains her speaking, mind-mapping, and podcasting activities at Purple Stripe Productions.

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For Immediate Release #60: One Day More

On the eve of the election, Deirdre Breakenridge, Irene Koehler and Donna Papacosta joined the FIR panel to talk about the election’s impact on PR, marketing, and social media, along with a number of other topics. Here’s the rundown…

  • Brands can prepare themselves for future assaults based on how political campaigns have engaged in an epic bot war to game online polls and inflate social media traffic.
  • Candidates used some channels many brands have ignored in their effort to reach Millennials and GenZ.
  • Social media itself is going through some convulsions based on this unique election cycle.
  • In one town in Macedonia, teens are influencing the U.S. election — and injecting fake stories into the news that get tremendous reach — by creating Trump-supporting websites that attract clicks that, in turn, produce revenue for the teens.
  • Facebook has launched a massive global ad campaign to attract more users to Facebook Live — with all video shot on smartphones using Facebook Live.
  • Kickstarter has introduced its own live video channel in an effort to give backers more confidence in the people behind projects.
  • Chobani’s founder, an immigrant himself, has supported the hiring of immigrants and refugees, earning him some attacks from the right. Fortunately, his customers have rallied to his defense.
  • Dan York’s report includes an appeal for your suggestions about an editorial calendar tool that works across multiple sites.
  • Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are going to be huge. Why aren’t PR agencies training their staffs? Why haven’t the professional associations offered any learning opportunities?
  • Ditto data, which has become a vital influencer.
  • Is Twitter finally dealing with its troll problem?

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About today’s panel:

DeirdreDeirdre Breakenridge has been in PR and marketing for more than 25 years helping senior executives in mid-to-large organizations communicate to their stakeholders. She’s currently CEO of Pure Performance Communications, which she started in 2011. Pure Performance specializes in integrated marketing strategy, training, and workshops. Before that, she was president of Mangol Marketing, and was an adjunct professor at NYU. She co-authored Putting the Public Back in Public Relations with Brian Solis – and appeared with Brian in an FIR interview about the book back in 2009. She also wrote Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional.

irene-koehlerAn experienced social media strategist, Irene Koehler is passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs unlock the marketing potential of online tools and technology. Most executives and business owners know they should be active online, but are overwhelmed and under-resourced, and not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. Focused on each client’s unique needs and objectives, Irene’s strength lies in her ability to create and execute a customized strategy to drive business results and growth. In addition to client work, Irene teaches social media marketing courses at University of California at Berkeley, San Francisco State University, California State University.

donnapDonna Papacosta is a writer, speaker, podcaster and consultant, operating Trafalgar Communications in Toronto. In addition to leading workshops on social media and communications topics, Donna teaches Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. In 2005 Donna launched Trafcom News, one of the first business podcasts in Canada. Since then she has expanded her expertise in both social media and multimedia, and helps people integrate these tools into their communications. She is the co-author, with Steve Lubetkin, of the recently launched book, The Business of Podcasting, and the author of The Podcast Scripting Book. A dual U.S.-Canadian citizen, Donna holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from New York University and a Certificate in Magazine Journalism from Ryerson University.

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