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The Directory Dilemma – Why Facebook, Google and Skype May Win The Mobile App War (Featured Blog)


The Hobson & Holtz Report #812: Algorithms vs. trusted human editors

Intro: Welcome to FIR B2B co-host Paul Gillin, first episode of Digital India has been published.

Quick News: What does Twitter’s future hold with the departure of CEO Dick Costolo?; marketers should follow The New York Times’ lead, which is closing staff access to the desktop version of the newspaper’s home page, forcing them to use mobile devices; training former NFL players provided Paul with some surprises; Harris Poll data reinforces the importance of internal communication; the Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop;

News That Fits: Why marketers are betting big on predictive analytics, tech giants decide what news is when they control the channels for delivering the news, Dan York’s Tech Report: for news organizations, this was the most important set of Apple announcements in years, Medium adds Creative Commons license and introduces “Letters,” Internet Society is hiring a media relations manager; listener comments, live streaming is slowing as on-demand listening is growing for public radio, the Onion’s Clickhole┬áis succeeding a mocking clickbait sites, the last week on the FIR Podcast Network, Igloo Software promo, subscriptions should be a key goal for B2B content marketing;

Music from the U.S. Amy Blues Band, and more.

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So, until June 22…

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