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The Hobson & Holtz Report #810: The deepening FIFA scandal, sponsors, and reputation

Intro: FIR Interview with Leila Janah posted, FIR Interview coming with Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini and marketing director Kim Terca; Neville’s taking an “FIR break” in June: what you can expect in the meantime in Shel’s network experiment;

Quick News: Who are Twitter’s verified users?, couple live-Periscope their wedding, the new Ice Bucket challenge: Hold a Coke between your boobs, Ford launches pay-per-minute GoDrive car sharing service in London; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop;

News That Fits: The deepening FIFA scandal: are the sponsors key to getting the Beautiful Game back?; a look at Mary Meeker’s 2015 State of the Internet report; listener comments in audio and from the FIR Podcast Community on Google+; global newspaper readership falls more than 25% in four years says study; Igloo Software promo; Dan York’s Tech Report: on the road to Bulgaria, the critical elements to getting your blog post noticed; the past week on the FIR Podcast Network;

Music from David Peck; and more.

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IPv6 for ISPs: State of deployment and lessons learned – Slides and Video from RIPE70

What is the state of IPv6 deployment within Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?  What lessons can be learned from recent deployments?  At the recent RIPE 70 conference, Aaron Hughes gave a great overview of the current state and lessons that can be learned.  His slides are available as PDF:

IPv6 for ISPs

The video is also available from the RIPE 70 archives.

Not to spoil it too much, but Aaron concludes that yes, indeed, ISPs are deploying IPv6 successfully! :-)

If you want to start deploying IPv6, please visit our Start Here page to get started!


Internet Society At EuroDIG 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria, this week: network neutrality, cybersecurity, improving access and more…

How do we ensure an open, trusted Internet across all of Europe?  How can we help all countries across Europe realize the full opportunities provided by the Internet?  What do we need to do to improve the overall security of the Internet? And what kind of regulations and policies would best support the ongoing growth enabled by the Internet?

Dan York