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TDYR 239 – Creating Other People’s Content… At The Expense Of Your Own

TDYR 239 - Creating Other People's Content... At The Expense Of Your Own by Dan York

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #803: April 13, 2015

Collaborate/London workshop with Igloo Software on April 16;

Quick News: US Postal Service could find new business using augmented reality glasses, where to find and create your own animated GIFs, traveling employees embrace Uber and AirBnB, the Wall Street Journal’s approach to native advertising; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop;

News That Fits: How to run a successful blogger relations programme; Dan York’s Tech Report: Friendfeed really did shut down on April 9, Twitter ends its partnership with Datasift, and more; if leaders don’t use the internal social network, nobody will; listener comments in audio and in the FIR Podcast Community on Google+; Apple Watch: altering the face of technology retailing forever?; Igloo Software promo; the past week on the FIR Podcast Network; new modeling of the mediums of communication;

Music from The Pink Tiles; and more.

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FIR #803 – 4/6/15 – For Immediate Release

Collaborate London coming April 16; Quick News: US Postal Service considers Augmented Reality, where to find and create your own animated GIFs, traveling employees embrace Uber and AirBnB, The Wall Street Journal's approach to native advertising; CustomScoop promo; News That Fits: how to do blogger relations, Dan York's Tech Report, why nobody's using your internal social network, listener comments, Apple Watch could alter technology retailing, Igloo Software promo, the last week on the FIR Podcast Network, a new model of communication mediums; music from The Pink Tiles; and more.

TDYR 238 – Mind Blown By Looping Of Cello And Double-Necked Guitar

TDYR 238 - Mind Blown By Looping Of Cello And Double-Necked Guitar by Dan York

IANA DNSSEC Root Key Ceremony 21 Streaming Live Today

If you’re interested in the security at the root of DNSSEC, you can watch the IANA DNSSEC Root KSK Ceremony streaming live today – happening right now, in fact – from a data center in Culpeper, Virginia.  Just go to:


where you can connect to ICANN’s Adobe Connect streaming service.  There you can watch as the participants work their way through the 56-page script for today’s key ceremony.

KSK ceremonyThe key ceremony today began at 1:00pm US EDT (17:00 UTC) and will end at 5:00pm EDT (21:00 UTC).

The key ceremonies are part of the activities performed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) under its contract to operate the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). As explained on the overview page:

Ceremonies are usually conducted four times a year to perform operations using the Root Key Signing Key, and involving Trusted Community Representatives. In a typical ceremony, the KSK is used to sign a set of operational ZSKs that will be used for a three month period to sign the DNS root zone. Other operations that may occur during ceremonies include installing new cryptographic officers, replacing hardware, or generating or replacing a KSK.

This ceremony today is to use the “master” root Key Signing Key (KSK) to generate a set of Zone Signing Keys (ZSKs) that will then be used until the next key ceremony.  The “root key” is at the top of the “global chain of trust” that is used to ensure the correct validation of DNSSEC signatures (for more info see “The Two Sides of DNSSEC“) and so it is critical that the security and integrity of this root key be maintained.  Ceremonies such as the one today are a part of that effort.  If you are interested in learning more, today is a bit of a peek behind the curtain about how all of this happens.

This ceremony will be a bit different from other ones in that they will actually be replacing the Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that are used to store the actual private key of the Root KSK.  This process was explained in detail in a March 2015 blog post: ICANN Announces 2015 Hardware Security Module Replacement Project for the Root Key Signing Key.  For those curious, the HSM replacement process starts on page 19 of today’s ceremony script.

Now, granted, occasionally watching people enter commands into a Linux command prompt may not necessarily be as exciting as watching rockets launch…

KSK ceremony command line

… but it’s still rather cool that we get to watch the whole process unfold remotely!

And… it’s much more than the command-line operations… you are also getting to see some of the people who hold parts of the keys at the root of DNSSEC do their parts in the actual ceremony.  Some of them you may recognize from when we’ve written about them or from some of the articles they written or presentations they’ve made.

KSK ceremony

You also get to see some of the steps of the process up close:


If you can’t watch it live, it is being recorded and you can always go back and view it.

P.S. If you want to learn more about how to get started with DNSSEC, please visit our “Start Here” page to find resources focused on your type of role or organization.


TDYR 237 – Getting Reacquainted With Microsoft Windows

After many years away in Mac OS X, I recently got reacquainted with Microsoft Windows 7 ... in this episode I talk about what I thought... and how it made me appreciate "less is more" even more!

Deadline of April 10 to Apply For CARIS Workshop on Coordinating Response to Internet Attacks (Featured Blog)

You have just a couple of days to either complete a survey or submit a paper to join the "Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS)" Workshop happening on June 19, 2015, in Berlin, Germany... If you are interested in helping improve the overall security and resilience of the Internet through increased communication between the groups responding to the large-scale attacks happening on the Internet every day, I would strongly encourage you to apply! More...

46 Years of RFCs (Celebrating The Anniversary of RFC 1)

By way of a tweet from @IETF this morning, it was fun to note that it was 46 years ago today, on April 7, 1969, when the very first "Request for Comments" or "RFC" was issued by Steve Crocker.  RFC 1 defined the "IMP software" used in the communication between hosts on the ARPAnet and makes for interesting reading today.  Steve was in those days a graduate student at UCLA and 46 years later now serves as the Chairman of the Board of ICANN.  Back in 1999, Steve offered some reflections in RFC 2555 on 30 years (at that time) of RFCs that included this bit about how it began:

Dan York

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #802: April 6, 2015

Thanks to Ragan Communications for their almost 8 years of sponsoring FIR; Gini Dietrich is guest co-host with Shel on the May 4 show while Neville is in Boston;

Quick News:

Collaborate/London intranet workshop from Igloo Software on April 16, alarming declines in social media among Inc 500, good advice in BBC’s updated social media guidelines, companies just aren’t listening to what reporters want from their online newsrooms; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop.

News That Fits:

Does it make sense to do online Q&As on Reddit, Twitter, etc?; Michael Netzley’s Asia Report: Gushcloud controversy and smear campaigns conducted by blogging cartels; would you use Periscope for employee communication as one CEO did?; listener comments in the FIR Podcast Community on Google+ and via email; The Economist study identifies Gen-narrators who could be effective brand advocates; Dan York’s Tech Report: Turkey blocks social networks, Flickr and the public domain, NASA space image library, and more; Igloo Software promo; the past week on the FIR Podcast Network; with social still treated as an ‘afterthought’ by PR agencies, we offer some advice;

Music from Adri-Ann Ralph; and more.

For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report for April 6, 2015: An 87-minute podcast recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Wokingham, Berkshire, England.

Links to websites, blog posts and other content we discuss in the show are posted as Delicious bookmarks to facilitate your connection with the discussions and sharing of that content.

So, until Monday April 13…

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FIR #802 – 4/6/15 – For Immediate Release

Ragan Communications ends FIR sponsorship; Gini Dietrich to guest co-host on May 4; Quick News: Collaborate London intranet workshop from Igloo Software, alarming social media declines among Inc. 500, BBC's updated social media guidelines, what reporters want from online newsrooms; Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop, News That Fits: when not to do online question-and-answer sessions, Michael Netzley's Asia Report, Periscope for internal communication, listener comments, study IDs Gen-narrators as potential brand advocates, Dan York's Tech Report, the last week on the FIR Podcast Network, Igloo Software promo, PR still sees social media as an afterthought; music from Adri-Ann Ralph; and more.